Saturday, August 15, 2020

What's So Funny 'Bout Peace, Love and Understanding? - Lue covers a great tune to uplift you

I found this Nick Lowe-penned tune very uplifting one afternoon recently, so I got up to try it around dinner. I've made some people very happy, and haven't really heard from any haters, and of course, I had a lot of fun. I threw on my screen-safety protective glasses (non-corrective lens) to enhance my impression of Elvis Costello, whose rockin' version is well worth your time. 

 It's an oft-covered tune, maybe moreso in recent years. The words speak for themselves. - Lue Lyron

Friday, July 31, 2020

Prof. Mike Jordan's Everything INcluding the Kitchen Sink Pt.2 A Little Rock Hip Hop mix

1. Kitchen Sink by B. Dolan You can tune in to Prof. Jordan's shows every Friday night. c/o Professor Mike Jordan, host of the #oldschoolnewschoolneedtolearnthough show on KABF 2. Take A Risk by RJ Payne Ft. Lord Tariq & Tracey Lee (Prod. By Pa. Dre) 3. Out Of Sight by Run The Jewels feat. 2 Chainz 4. Let's Get It by G Dep feat Black Rob & P Diddy 5. Stay Cool by The Roots 6. Have Mercy by Silis & YodaRoc & Nacrobats 7. Dope Dealer by Schoolboy Q feat. E-40 8. God Is Perfect by The Alchemist Freddie Gibbs 9. The Phunky Feel One by Cypress Hill 10. Zoned Out by M.O.P Feat. Teflon PROD BY Amadaeus 360 11. Attitudez by Rumpletilskinz 12. Gunplay by Money Boss Players 13. Euro Step by Westside Gunn 14. Megatron by Ill Bill 15. Won't Be No Discussion by Starvin B Ft. Planet Asia (Prod. by Castle Money Beats) 16. It's Over by Black Soprano Family ft Benny The Butcher, Heem, Rick Hyde 17. Afrika Hot! by Dead Prez & DJ Green Lantern 18. Pig Feet by Terrace Martin feat. Denzel Curry, Kamasi Washington, G Perico & Daylyt 19. Dawn by RNLification 20. The Basement by Marlowe (L'Orange & Solemn Brigham) 21. Black Mirror by Mr. Muthafuckin exquire & Madlib 22. No Skips by Oddisee feat. Ralph Real 23. The Master's Lemonade by Self Jupiter 24. Pandemic by The Opioid Era 25. Pots & Pans by Boldy James & The Alchemist ft. The Cool Kids & Shorty K 26. Penny Hardaway by The Cool Kids ft. Ghostface Killah 27. Lucky Luciano (Tony Digz Remix) by Nuch Feat. Conway the Machine 28. Murder Game by Statik Selektah feat. Smif N Wessun, Young M.A and Buckshot 29. Normal Shit by Rome Streetz 30. Boogieman Vs Leatherface by RJ Payne Feat Ransom 31. Therapy by Alchemist feat. Evidence (of Dilated Peoples), Blu, Talib Kweli, Kid Cudi 32. Lord Family by Flee Lord Feat. G4 Jag Prod. By Milky Fella 33. Ghost Of Soulja Slim · by Jay Electronica Jay-Z 34. The Next Kendrick by Third Root Bavu Blakes · Kam Franklin 35. Skyline by Malcolm DeWayne feat. Fashawn Skyzoo 36. The Fresh by Spitzwell & Boog Brown feat. Ekundayo, Backwud Marc, Stanza, 37. Set In Stone by Rashid Hadee 38. Celebrate by Grxwn Fxlks 39. Roots Of Blue by Blu x Exile Jacinto Rhines 40. The Day by Curren$y Feat. Mos Def & Jay Electronica

Thursday, July 30, 2020

A light in this world

 “There is a light in this world....a healing spirit much stronger than any darkness we may encounter. We sometimes lose sight of this force...where there is suffering, too much pain. And suddenly the spirit will emerge...through lives of ordinary people, and answer in extraordinary ways. God speaks in the silence of the heart and we listen.” - Mother Teresa
Wonderful San Diego musician ASTRA KELLY posted this.

Max Wasa: People have become addicted to the actions of anger and aggression,


 Thought-provoking. When I read that a couple of days ago,

I also replied to Max:

I guess here in Georgia there is such trouble brewing and ignorance abounding that a little reactionary undertone in posting basic facts is a bit empowering, because the masses are shouting it down and dragging out the pandemic dilemma. I am much more aligned with west coast thought: welcoming to new people and ideas ( despite a corrupting exploitative element). No one there ever spoke of Georgia with a metaphorical spit like Georgians speak of California.

I also met a young woman soon on her first visit to La Jolla and her boyfriend, so I want to be clear it's not entirely monolithic. That sense of drama and melodrama serves well in a story, but I mustn't obscure the sweet spirits even in some of the disagreeable thoughts that cloud auras I meet. We truly do wrestle not with the flesh, but principalities, if I may borrow a Christian verse that serves.

I feel a bit better any time I write or speak a bit, so it's essential to continue recognizing a kinship in the universe I attract. The rest is there to cut a visionary relief, to sense the stone from which they all carve meaning in their struggles and delights.

On the real: my dear friend over in Alabama's watching over her hospitialized Mom, same as my buddy in Texas, with his Dad, both COVID cases. I think the entire business has pushed many drained people to resort to out-of-bounds methods for what is, really, attempting to recover energy and what Southerners call 'my sanctification' (i.e. I'm about to Lose my Religion!).

Differing facts accompany the blame leveled: 'your leaders put us in this predicament, your media complex is muffling this cure, and that #1 hit, "This is a hoax to make us obedi--" blah blah. For anyone devoted to building empathy, and maybe lacking in more in-person resources of socialization, it's certainly a tempest.

The kids going back to school, and possible spread- ahh, you know, I needn't assess, here. Even triggering people with reasonable arguments brings folks like us to an edge, and a temptation to blow our cool, desperate to shake up circumstances that affect us, and those we love, but beyond our control. We look for ways to preserve and build character. I sense that intention, here: existing in you, my reader, a basic reverence for life and actual, unpretentious decency.

It's not at all wrong to seek some way to promote both empathy and reason. Trust your convictions and bathe in your serenity, and know the best in trouble times, with hope for better days

 I remember reading the moving account of how, by her own words, Mother Theresa had come to doubt God's existence, yet, never ever lost a recognition for some fundamental force emitting from Creation to show the face of Love in the desperate circumstances she heroically encountered.