Saturday, December 24, 2022

Cease ill raps

A story that begins with with an infant crib, and takes you west to California: it's "Tracks." We're working on some very-different-for-us music this fall. Heading into winter, we're breaking out this Akai MK II keyboard interface, as well as working on my guitar dubs and continuing to make beats.
If you ever went from secretly wanting to do something to full-blown-out-in-the-open doing it, this song's for you.
This song's a companion to one written in Cali, "Changeless." After I showed her this song, Marc Kane borrowed a variation on the beat, which you hear, there.

Friday, December 16, 2022

One Angel's Fire: "Changeless"

These lyrics came together in Southern California. Only this winter can we put it on in the Celebration Style!
Check it out. What do you think? Feedback keeps the fires fed.

If you do like that, why not this? A ballad, closest harmonies we do, studio vocals and gives you a little bit of hope, whatever your story today. All right? All right!! And thanks for listening! I think she's so talented. I'm figuring out how to convey her better. She's active in creating beats, and makes the melody here. Who is looking forward to some live video, now?

While we figure that out, here's the audio, with pictures throughout our trail as Integr8d Soul. We were Lead From Within when we got off the bus. The name change is a swap with the album title, Integr8d Soul.
Eternal, though, first time he ever sat in our one room apartment, got excited and told us: "That's the name!"
And so it's been and will be.

Sunday, November 20, 2022

Mellowright Preview

From the upcoming EP, Sexegesis, by Integr8d Soul. This weekend- a week later- we updated it with some of MK's backing vox. I could describe it technically, but what about your mood after that?