Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Soul Rocket Ba-Doom!

Soul Rocket Ba-Doom, lift off!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A whole new way of life by Cecil L. Disharoon, Jr.

One thing I have to tell you. The place this book may leave your heart may well be a wonderful state. It can also be a bit terrifying, sure, because if you love creatively, you may seem to risk a delicate offering, to carry across so brusque a marketplace as mankind! But even if your heart breaks, would you believe (as Agent Maxwell Smart said!)...with your willing cooperation, the universe will make more? You'll be whole!

So I resolved a lot of issues off-camera, so to speak, as well as began the most important change in my life as OUR life. Ah, but not so quick to open up, now, am I, not even with you, dear readers, with whom I have entrusted so much. But! If you already know more, it's 'cause you HAD to know and are a close trusted friend and ally.

So as I get ready to compile this guy to self-publish a test run around Christmas, I'll be continuing my commentary in reply to re-visiting my life before Sept. 16th, sure...but that's about the time we hit an intensely personal experience of transformation! Furthest thing from "bad" in my mind, too...but look there's already a book about THAT written by the three people who made the story, and you will, at the least, wait until that third party, in addition to myself and the Marc Kane, co-editor and caretaker, gets to kick back and enjoy a copy...than let her decide. After all, I've got THREE books coming out in some form next, so I feel good keeping the past two month between us.

I was encouraged to unload here about my Mom if I felt it would help, and because there may be elements with which some of you can identify, and nothing malicious, it's tempting, but you know what? With the older generation, especially down South in America, look...it's a time honored tradition to let the elders think whatever makes them happy. Don't ask them for anything and you won't be disappointed. If she's happy with her thoughts, I am sure happy with mine. I recommend a similar arrangement if you seem locked in a value struggle...we are actually deciding, I think, to achieve genuine independence of one another, and let the old roles go by the way side. I am just about ready to blow the mind of the world, so I realize I actually have all the help and reliable allies I need aligned in their unique places, suited to their strengths and temperments, without a needy clinging to past ways at hand.

I really DO want a comic book of my life with Angela Dawn, so some drawing and writing will mesh to achieve that, I think, as I finish up other things. Time management creates forgiving deadlines in my world, for all change necessary simply must be...and why be sad about that? Trade your ghosts with thanks for a breathing loved one, and add to the store of your times!

There's just one more post I want to make for sure: review some helpful maxims dreamed up by our friend Palamas, and maybe look back on the bike rides of summer. Park benches and bike trails, that's where I want to take you...what a nice ending to Be Chill, Cease Ill would that make.

So: life you knew me in, as you knew me? Over. But like a seed shedding its casing, devouring it slowly, then springing up to the best use of local nourishment, it's really Me still, after sitting down and working out every Us in my life. Along the way I got mad at some patterns I recognized at last, then got very glad again, as the right course of action came to me. What I mean to say, then, is I set out to make of this book a map through the terrain of my poetic soul and anxious mind, all related both energetically and calmly, too, and what's become of me is a very clear person, now. Just figure out who you love, who can you count on and how far, and why aren't you doing what you love every moment of this short enough life!

Be Chill, Cease ill

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Be Chill, Cease Ill

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