Monday, July 28, 2014

Keep On Keepin' On with Integr8d Soul / Rocket Ba-Doom

So! Tickets for the Final 4 Battle at the DeSoto Theatre in Rome are on sale now. They are $12. That money goes to Cancer Navigators of Rome and also counts as votes, which Integr8d Soul could really use right now! (Yes, we entered a BAttle of the BAnds our first summer here! Or: yes, we have a band, with a cd called Glad To Be Live!)

This way, for your donation, you get a show ticket, too. Battle of the Bands semi finals ends at midnight Friday, so if you get paid and you want to help cancer patients with their necessities AND you want to shock Rome with our surprise appearance after being gone all these years, hit this site, where you can also here three of our very cool songs:
What a summer. We've made seven public appearances since May 3rd, been on the radio for interviews twice, put our novel Anywhere With You in three stores (plus Amazon, and this week, on Smash Words), our t-shirts in two more, launched Marc Kane Fashion Bags again with eight lovely crocheted purses, and I'm already plotting our next two appearances this week before the carriage turns into a pumpkin at midnight.

Will we make the Final Four this Cinderella season? Honestly, without surprising help, I'd be shocked. People have been loving the music, but the two of us have put our humble earnings from the arts right back into stocks of book copies and prints, and most everyone we know's just trying to get by. We're still waiting to be paid the rest for the comic book we were hired to put together, which was another thing that has packed this summer to the gills! Throw in some bike rides, a pool party, two skating rink trips with friends and job searches and it's been SO concentrated with moments, I'm lucky to have gotten through a book without pictures (The Old Man and The Sea was great)!
There's been some reflection and what you might call spiritual or consciousness centering, too, and time with our family. I've also thought a lot about what I want to write in the future by re-assessing the rich past evoked in our stay in California, where ideas grew like creeper vines on a shady stone wall.

I truly believe in the kindness of Cancer Navigators: our friend Daphne was helped with doctor appointments, wigs, make-up, and medicine, and that's just some of what Rome's Can Nav does.

When I first started writing songs on guitar and decided that was no joke what I wanted from my life, I decided I really wanted my talents to produce melodies and lyrics that would stand the test of time, but also, that my career be as devoted as possible to helping others. I was happy to send three of my jewels in a still-growing catalog to 95.7 The Ridge and find them placed one day on their site...much less played and performed on the radio for thousands of people!

I honestly think, in terms of great writing and singing, they're in a league of their own, which you can judge yourself. I also pour my heart and soul into dynamic performances that reach out into the crowd and put the listener right on stage and up in the rafters (thus far, no injuries).
Maybe we don't have the established rep and can't afford beers in all the right places and only have two members, but we've become one of the local buzz bands of the summer---and you can say you helped the under dog! Let's shake it up. Be chill, Cease ill — with Angela Zora Ba-Doom Disharoon.

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