Monday, February 8, 2016

From a place of peace and radiance

Of all the things I felt compelled to take up in my day, the hour I gave to simply enjoy my darling's company and then, the hour I gave to a full routine of yoga, were sustenance to me. My order happens to change as I go by feel: what part of me needs a life-giving stretch?

Inspiration often comes when you truly relax; the value of the inspiration relates to what you value most about your life. For example, when you are being hard on yourself, who's the "you"? Think about it! Take it apart. We take on an imaginary guise of being "Other" to ourselves. Help yourself like a friend when you think of yourself, at all.

Why assail myself with thoughts? There is a very basic level at which we all exist, and within that existence, if you go into the silence, you'll find a self stretching from before you came here, to which you'll return one day afterwards. You'll discover the love that went into the life you've had, if you seek it. There may be someone who acts as if they are your opponent, but when they seem to tear away your inner peace, it's nothing personal. They aren't in touch with peace of their own. If you acknowledge the peace that belongs to you, you see the story in progress with a clear head. Don't congest your emotional self with anger, bitterness, over shadowing sadness; meditate regularly until you are again able to "hear" or "see" a thought...then let it go. If you want to accomplish anything methodically, you have to move on to the next step, and know when it's time to move on. You wouldn't eat spoiled food if you had a choice, would you? When you have a vision something's good for you, and you feel the goodness, accept it! You have an entire collection of thoughts that make up a great life; you just have to go through it.

What you actually achieve will remain a testament to yourself: you had these doubts, these problems, and in resolution, this is what you now have to share.