Monday, May 21, 2018

168 hours: how do you spend your week?

So, I want to teach online. Goodbye, waiting tables. Some similar skills- but now, instead of bacon and waffles, delicious sentences. Similar connection by way of personal presence, yes. But now, it's all about a love of English- of communication.

So, I plan to apply with two companies who specialize in teaching early English to Chinese students. That one, generally, requires an opening around 6-10:10 pm to take on, in that time, a couple of hours of four classes. $8, before bonus. MOnthly schedules and pay.
You have many more weekend hours open, also.

Now, Cambly, on the other hand, is a conversational partner gig. That's 17 cents/ min. Does pay weekly!

Either of those will place similar demands- so how do I fit the rest of my life together in a way that doesn't short change any of it?

I came to this with magazine assignments already in place. Stay ahead of deadline, and you can take more, even history book assignments, short story sales, games...
But wait! What's all this freedom really for? I'm here to see Mom, so 6 hours or so a week for her. And over twice that for whatever my wife might like to do.

There will be lots of overlaps.
It's not a strict program.
But I took my 168 hours, set aside 68 of those for rest. Sleep, obviously- but yoga, walking, reading, errands, meetings, socializing. Kinda slim, but I am mostly in the mode to establish my online biz and write my novel!

Novel, she gets 28 hours.
ESL, combined teaching and learning, 25 hours a week. Continue trying to build this clientele, up to 24 hours max.
I want to learn another new skill- audio engineering- for music, cartoons, podcasts, and especially, a day job on a movie.
But making that a paying proposition means, by all means, gain experience, but expect about another year before you're expert enough to be paid- if then. Try to gain experience- with local film makers, musicians, and with direct contact with software.
So keep up to ten hours open for that, every week. Editing the podcast, helping on a location, assisting- a role that might grow with opportunity.
I continued in this method, including my Spanish lessons and creating ranges for some activities. Then I tried out a sample day, like for a five day work week. I might move a Cambly session or two over to a sixth day to get some breathing room and take only one day off from being online, we'll see. I have spent days thinking what I will say on my Cambly interview recording. Now, I have a basic idea of goals for the job from the start.

Cambly Tutoring May 22nd- June 19th 7-9 pm midnight to 1:30 am 3 -5 am

5.5 hrs available per day, 5 days / wk. (up to 24 hours) - until I have more than 10 ESL hours

Goal 3.5 hrs available per day, 5 days/ wk. -after at least 10 hours of ESL lessons are booked.
9-17 Hours of Cambly/ wk. Available for 40 hours of online tutoring & learning (combined total/wk)

So! I hope to be a conversational partner, for around 9 hours minimum as soon as I can build up that many appointments. On average, 13 hours of Cambly, and 15 hours of say, DaDaABC, at their two rates. 9 hours of the lower paying job to go with 19 of the better paying job, with ongoing magazine interviews- a pretty effective goal for a week's income. Then, Chyrsalis of the Butterfly gets the kind of attention an entire part time job might. Let's hope that's plenty for carrying the book forward as I keep writing this year.

Music, I can play more on my two off days, or accordingly. Right now, it's about preparing the book to absorb the new atmosphere, and preparing the vehicle and funds to afford to live in that new atmosphere! I've been researching our proposed next city, and you'll see, so exciting. Music will naturally unpack after that- drawing, too, I think. I don't know what I'll put away, time-wise, or what I'll be tempted to add! But this is a helpful way of thinking about things, the commitment to one's goals, a bit of benign self-control that is not Procrustean (nice myth, that one), but rather, opens a more detailed way of examining the flow. Which, right now, even including the learning curb, which has eaten many happy hours, includes all things I want, or plan to attract!

No plans to write a lot more Be chill, Cease ill, but if you enjoyed this one, awesome. It might be cool documenting this whole transition, some of who I meet, how it all works together. I will say, it took me a week to figure out which five companies I'd consider and study their materials, at least on the preliminary level. I intend to spend three days straight preparing for the next step of the ESL companies, each, and then consider italki if Cambly isn't already providing the answer.

See? Connecting with your entire life and fashioning a new version of a couple of old jobs you know (tutoring w/ online performance)- piece of cake!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Bob Dylan Celebrated: Man in the Long Blackappella by I.S.

Feel the pulse and vibrations, rumbling force..

So many of us enjoy the song writing of Bob Dylan, and it's super nice Schroeder's Courtyard plans to host an entire night of musicians celebrating an artist of positively mythologized dimensions. From the birth of folk rock on, Dylan's influence as a writer of quintessential entire records combining roots and new electric sound into messages of unyielding debate. It's as if his work personally can't help acquiring different meanings in the hands of others, because it's rich in the values from which interpreters draw wonder.

Here's the third take from our home rehearsals. We have a casual spot among the performers in that we agreed after the scheduling congealed, but we picked three songs we'd love enough and will be turning them loose one-at-a-time at intervals in the evening. It should be a lot of fun.

The event:

Monday, April 16, 2018

Black Panther: Pinnacle achievement

I said the Black Panther movie is the pinnacle cultural achievement of the Marvel Universe, for many reasons. I love my Marvel Super Hero movies, for sure, but the idea that a white man, too, can be secretly exceptional is nothing new. Because of the tale of one’s skin, it’s significant that a blockbuster movie centered around Africa- a Super Africa-with black heroes of both genders there for your imagination. Wakanda’s an entire country with a secret identity- that is a concept even more revolutionary than the central hero’s noble Blackness.

The success of the MU through the end of this Phase paved the way for a unique statement made with utmost talent and vision. Black Panther wouldn’t have been quite possible until it became reality. Just like Wakanda, it’s something that should’ve been real long time ago.

What I love is how fiction encourages us to invent things, to accept new ways of doing. Though this can be dangerous, of course, in this instance, the concept of Vibranium- perhaps one day part of reality, itself- is not the solitary thing making Wakanda what it is.
The way of the people- seen only in passing through the royal eyes- sparks the imagination. The feeling, the pride, the humanitarian effort. No doubt, advancements in technology that save grueling human labors, and plentiful wealth, cultivation of food and water in a manner that does not deplete the land past reason- these as well as those in medicine and education would seem natural to apply to creating more copacetic environments. Not only for human life to thrive biologically, but to grow individual and in our way of seeing one another.

It is a lack of kindness more than know-how that leaves us with the predicaments of the unloved, unknowing and unfed, conflicting by their very choices of survival. It is the lost child without heritage or patronage who is the revolutionary character in Black Panther; it is the shadow of custom and rigidity that makes wrong the actions of righteous men. It is the lack of a woman in a position to dispense the proper mercy that makes angry the human world.

The story of saving the entire world from a threat, not from our own wayward humanity, but from a grasp at forces beyond imagining, Avengers: Infinity War, will be breathtaking, I'm sure. There's every chance to say something profound about our desires and fears and dreams while laughs relax across the dialog. What they say about who we are and the wonders they explore will make the adventure special. It's the climatic team-up of everyone introduced now, including super-nation Wakanda.

Black Panther, a substantial work of art, grew an audience from the tie to this movie ahead. The only thing alien there was long-buried Vibranium. The Avengers fight to save our world and existence itself, next. But the way our world exists has never encountered a finer parable to this blockbuster leading the world into Infinity War. Its success will continue because of, and will supplement the position of, Marvel Studios' Black Panther.

Ultimately, we’re left with a larger audience than before discussing responsibility, in that classic super-heroic fashion. It is not a change a nation can make without concern not to lose her children- the living Future.