Saturday, April 27, 2019

Great Job! You Get A Star! Our book of ESL online / EFL experiences

Our prototype is ready!

We're working on one more cover idea. It would be nice to upload all that, tonight. The 116 page manuscript, written by Angela and myself, is ready.

We start two months ago, February 22nd. First day at the third company I added (who has still not paid me). I begin to interlace our first experiences, then wind parallel paths
of the two of us, growing into teachers. We depict many of our actual classes, and present other teachers, too.

I only put these through my phone: at the time, I wanted to meet my personal deadline, so I could have a physical copy available when I graduate, May 4th, in Tuscaloosa.

Soon as I have an approved link, I'll share the prologue, here. I must have some hidden text box still it doesn't like, hiding behind a picture. I was otherwise finished with the online version. Heres the first four pages. I plan to revise and add at least three chapters by this fall, too.
Here's our updated Patreon link, if you want to help us move across the coutnry next month, lol


“Here, I am, first day on the job.”

February 21st, my journal reads:

I didn’t start the narration of “Here, I am,
first day on the job.” OK< now I have!

I’ve had deja vu, these past seven-and-a-half months.
It’s been my first day- three times. I haven’t quit working anywhere.

I write freelance Back Issue Magazine articles, and my novel, Chrysalis and the Butterfly.

You could say this is a story: how ESL Online won my heart.

But already, I had it to give, as soon as I discovered this work existed.

I do best, that way: Go all-in!

So, this is the story of what I found, along the way, that’s kept my heart.

You could begin this story with the first time I logged in to teach Dada classes online, in July. Go further back: my friend Ed, asking me in spring, if I’d looked for a creative writing instructor position. You could start with my Aunt Linda, teacher and sub teacher and tutor, much of her adult life.

But here: my first day, working for Lime English.

I hope what I’ve decided to do on my otherwise-off morning this Wednesday is : explore meeting new students, teaching new strategies- a progressive spiral.

I examine the basics of how we use English. I face with them, the choices we learned as children. My challenge? Be clear. Simple, elegant. Loop back into words they’re using well that day, and recently, migrate my demonstrations in those ongoing grammar structures. Genuinely appreciate spontaneous offerings to the conversation. Treat each lesson as a conversation.

A favorite sign we’re in The Zone? The kid uses English in a deliberately humorous way!

Enjoy the flow of ideas. For this book, I’ll be revisiting my lessons, through the prism of we two (or three, Jerry and Rosson and your family and friends!), interactive, interviewing. I attain insights as to ongoing projects of my own or chances to begin new forms, how these might inspire a
student. Or, simply find a video of her favorite animal, teach a unique word, offer English to help her bond, empathize.

You’ll hear from other experienced teachers, too! Teacher Willow’s tip:

“I always do my best to ask the students their names and pronounce them as closely as I can. This stems from a book that I read to my students at my b&m (Brick and Mortar)
job called Name Jar. “

I love to help them learn words of things they find interesting. I like to teach the name of the thing in your hand, some description, and model a good use of your present grammar.

As for results: some you think you see, immediately; others, you may never. How am I to say what time will reveal the student’s learned, from me, practice, life, school, and someone who cares and knows English? I remember a successful recipe, then season each lesson with little care. I trust the seasonings, and know when to let up the heat and let the lesson simmer to completion.

I experiment, I don’t measure carefully over an open page. For example, today: An attempt to make a gourmet meal, some chicken tikka masala maybe just a bit more like the Crown made at Horton Plaza before they shuttered.

Trial? Edible, disappointing. Half a lemon too much, don’t do the whole lemon on that much sauce and 10 -13 oz of chicken breasts, again. When not following exact instructions, one should simplify the factors that can confuse the result.

Needless to say, I don’t claim to do these things PERfectly, lol

First day always has this experience: correctly logging in. Then, find your classroom. You’ll find an array of buttons there which will either confuse or delight you and your students. A child you never met before waits on the other side of the world. Teach English. Go!

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

It's only the Universe

Back in 2006, the Marc Kane created drawings for her own tarot cards. I loved the stunning originality of her approach. EAch figure has a secret: it's made from the letters for the word it symbolizes. So in 2009, I remember her laminating these cards, which became a fun Tarot deck for us. I was the one who wanted them as characters, also: I found them in one of my visionarily dream like stories, unleashed from a pyramid crypt, with some relationship with Thoth. I didn't draw very well at the time, for I barely understood the process at all.

I love how the Marc Kane marries a true carefree spirit and Love with a private manner. It shows in the art she chooses to make: it's intended at a diversionary level for herself, without worry what status might rise and fall on its popular acclaim. In those days, you would make your own crafts and rarely share photographs. But you would make something special, to you. These are the relics of your authentic life. Perhaps not as immediately heart warming as Dagger, the dog, who teeaches abstract painting to children. (100% of Dagger's profits are : look him up!). But I mean, rather, it is precious to you, to make something you value, free of demaind for its meaning to anyone else.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

If you're not feeling yourself today

The circumstances- no Snowpocalpse for northwest Georgia, enough rest, a tank of gas, even, to a place i've already paid the fee: everything was there. Even if I stayed home, every element was in place to be productive in a hundred different ways. Everything was there, except in the space I breathe, the sluggishness right there in my sinuses, which seem at times to house a couple of carelessly-stuffed blueberries. So, patiently recuperate, take in ideas.
My friend has a very sociable train of thought but lives a bit isolated with her family. She's a long ways from the vibe of the Arizona desert kids now, physically. She probably feels like she peaked in Coolness all-too-long ago, but what can you do? And right after I enjoyed this video sent by my seventy-three year old cousin, I found her general encouragement to men. By that I mean, some words telling you, if you've not been feeling up to snuff lately, you keep going, so stay strong.
Feeling unwell- if you have the luxury of knowing the worst of it's temporary, you reflect on it in context. What's it like for those who don't anticipate things getting better?
Should they try a three day water fast?

Who has time to be weak?
But if you don't choose, Life will make a time.

I'm lucky it's just a cold..At least, that's the latest reason for whatever I can't get rolling.
I'm considering a fast for three days, Sunday. I'm ready to see if I can take some new ideas ahead while being as decent a person as possible.
Sometimes it feels like the most decent people only have time for others and a bit for their private peace of mind, and pursuing your own personal agenda, a bit selfish. But I guess whatever we're devoted to doing and not doing is our personal agenda, and I tell myself there's something in there that could turn a few hours, days or years of my life into something terrific for anyone. I guess anyone who reaches inside for the reserves to keep going has that feeling in common, a kind of service.

Yet there's been this lingering sense of apathy and detachment hiding in the corners of my enthusiasm, too. A kind of malaise waiting to come to the surface, felt, and, for a time, released. Even though I know, on some level, it's just my desifre for some things in my life dying away because the time's not right. It's a few sad mental adjustments you might call resignation.

One single day, where I could make love once, teach a morning set of classes to my best ability, read stories from a favorite author with evocative, emotionally-involved illustrations, and words from those who enjoyed the stories, while I was a baby. Make my Mom lunch. Pat my cat. Remind my darling how I'm often thinking some gleeful thought about her being alive.

You have to set how you feel into a context. Some of you are surrounded by your demands, and your demands are people, children, even, and you don't turn off a screen after half an hour. I know it's hard sometimes but what you get back is part of some lasting effort. I am not always serious. CAn you tell when?

Some of you may feel lost in the world made of your choices. Some may just be tempted to see how much money you can make for its own sake, how far you can push that sort of success.

I can only imagine. It might be your birthday. It might be one of your last days before you're sentenced to jail time. It might the most boring day in a string of them, and it might be some of your last on Earth. You may feel undone by all the harm done in the name of progress and all the wrong done in the name of promoting a better idea. You may wonder what it'd be like to just live as far from almost everyone, or everyone, as possible. As for how each of you reading spent the time before reading this, I can only imagine.

But do know there are many people dedicated to encouragement, out there. If you didn't connect with one, can you remember one? You were not really obligated to make the world any better than you left it, however sincerely we may take, some of us, that moral imperative. It's all about choices. Your brain gets a good chemical each time you made a good one. You know your reward when you see it.

If today was a day you rather ran out of whatever it is you have to give, I encourage you. Get some rest. Let restful thoughts and replenishment be your goal. For some it's a prayer, or whatever you call that private set of thoughts where you simply have to ask something, from somewhere, for something. Some may be out of those thoughts, to the tune of great resentment, and little hope- only enough hope to keep living to despair.

And you may 've somehow found your way to this page with no sense of drama ongoing about any of these things.

But as one friend posted, in sentiments for some person on her mind, or anyone in particular, or even, along with countless off-color and quippy memes and some other glances at her opinion,
if you're not feeling yourself today, basically: stay strong. Refuse to quit.

Keep getting up.