Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"That covers things" blog post

The buzz so far is so good! Just days away from the green signal to send D'n'A #1 to press! There's lots of art back in the July/June threads (and our t-shirts are all over the August archives) but I'm including some here, too, so enjoy a taste! Here's my cover, with Marcus Killigrew:

This and our next issue are both going to be available as t-shirts via screen printing by the end of the month. End of pitch!

But, it's not just a pitch: it's what, in my life, excites me, and that's what Be Chill Cease ill is all about. The trip through Georgia (and first visit to Gypsy Cave), Walking Through Illusion revisited, and the beginnings of my submission to Redstone Press, which I'll break down from brainstorm to finished copy, are all in store for the week.

So have a very special semana and be ready for another industrial strength essay shortly!
If you're one of my new Plok visitors, or you've never enjoyed my fiction (which, er, means you've never read it, right? heh hehe), there's plenty of it right here in the archives, as well as loads of goodies on our sister site,

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