Friday, September 30, 2016

Jolie lover crashes plane into Depp home out of jealousy

One thing! Branjelina broke up recently, and Anj just read the account of some fight between a drunken Pitt and the boys on a plane. Ouch. 52, world’s his oyster, something’s not quite right though.

Maybe some nihilsm lurking beneath all this activity in which we seek meaning.

But we got a laugh away in the end; she’d been talking about why Depp’s last two loves didn’t work out. I said, “what if you woke up in the morning and found out I was living with Angelina Jolie?”
She said “well bring me aboard as the Nanny!”
I said, “naw, after I swooped in like that, you moved in with Johnny Depp!"
I have her laughing good now, but I'm on a roll so:

"And I go insane with jealousy, so I paint ‘rage’ onto a private plane "--
"Flying in a rage, are you?"

"...and fly it into his mansion! And when I flew “in a rage” the propeller beheaded Alice Cooper, but for real this time. What a tragedy. After all this time pretending to be decapitated on stage."

It's not that these terrible things people go through aren't sad.
It's that, the world asks us to remember its inherent absurdity.

You can't really envy anyone.

You can only enjoy what you have. And laugh some, be alive.

Be Chill,

Cease ill

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