Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sky Race

This is from my first self-published comic to be distributed to dozens of people, during 2008. I was able to raise a few donations for a school where I'd enjoyed sub teaching for a few days. I wanted to start off my career doing something right.

I think the comic would make a nice fundraising tool for any school, but schools are not the only worthy institution. Let us know if we can help you do something unique and memorable.

I'm thinking about the audio track, and probably new drawings with sharper, better draw images where possible.

I believe San Diego's hip hop escape artist son is likely any day to come back; he has a strong character role as himself, Sylvester A. Wright, in Not Another Comic Book #1 (published in one edition in 2007). An early version of the character, originally created for To the Rescue! or 2Q in 2001 with Johann Balasuriya snd ourselves, for radio, and then cartoons. When it's time to write the oil spill crisis for the new all-original character choose-your-own adventure radio drama for 2 the Res Q, he'll be on the scene.

Big Bang of the Integr8d Soul: "the Mountain" complete

This is the comic. T-shirts are coming soon!
$1.75, plus shipping and handling, will get you a copy of this comic for a very limited time. Each one ordered is registered and signed, so you can say you were there at the Big Bang of the Integr8d Soul universe! But don't you doubt it: a love donation, even if I never get it, is all I want for your copy. That and a bit of your imagination.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

D'n'A #1 First half, "The Mountain"

D'n'A #1. Presented here in its entirety. Rather dark, personal story.

The comic's going to press; please support us by ordering a copy! While it retails for $3.25, we're offering the first ten orders a big discount, at less than cost! $1.75, plus shipping and handling. It's a labor of love, so your patronage is greatly appreciated! Thanks, Lue & the Marc Kane

Thursday, July 22, 2010

D'n'A #1: "Playing a Game with the Unknown"

Well, Comic Con is here, and so is D'n'A #1! write me on facebook or in comments here or at Emmryza@gmail.com for your own copy! Thanks, Lue & Marc