Tuesday, November 24, 2020

You Get A Star! A conversation with Teacher Angela BBA from VIPKid

Hope you enjoy this relaxed conversation. It's funny, but it wasn't until after two takes that I realized we should be doing this with a direct in-line (and not the microphone amp) on the couch, in the living room, where we normally talk. I realized I am better off foregoing Thanksgiving get-togethers with others, most particularly inside ones, and letting go of that expectation for me to try to make others happy that way might be a relief. Also, the cats, especially T'Challa, kept wanting into the room with us, simply because he loves the 'plant room' and hey, we're both in there, which hasn't happened much recently, are banging the door, and on top of that, I needed to get this loaded up, just to be sure we did this in time before the podcast space for the month rolled over. I changed where I was on all that, and then, we could do something less formal, and share with you the tone of our classes. What's it like, getting up early in the AM, or instructing students on a Friday or Saturday night? Whether you've had a student learning remotely, or ever been interested in online instruction- or if you just want to get your mind off things, or hey, if you're bored- I think there's a good chance you enjoy!

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