Sunday, March 15, 2009


I don't think it'd become the mainstream paparazzi vogue to combine
the names of the two individuals in a couple into one handy, if occasionally
annoying, moniker, representing how closely you identify the two people with one another. (I wonder if polygamist societies exist where people have really long names made of all the people that are married to them?) Yet it wasn't long before I met Eldon, right after meeting Kelli, in the humble settings of the Ryan's in Tuscaloosa, a thought that still leaves me wondering when did we decide to start calling them "Keldon."

You tend not to forget a friend who pretends to gore you to shatter the tedium one Sunday morning by the drink station; to make one's fingers horns and punctuate your friend's remark with an impression of a charging bull should be enough to endear any soul who should, one day outside of childhood, meet you at your place of work and carry your joke back to you in a way that lands your memories at about nine years old? You tend not to forget, if you remember to be young.

We somehow managed to keep the moments interesting, and with not a little intelligent discussion, as if to belie the serious cast of our minds in reflection of the times.

I hope you search with interest for your moments as they come.
Be chill, Cease ill

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