Thursday, August 27, 2009

Is it even odd?

Is it even odd?

You know, whenever I find myself 5 millions parsecs from home, I'm sure my belief in any 4 such noble spirits will bring me their eternal protection. Such are my guides, that I may learn to walk without fear. Somewhere we may well be the difference between good and evil; my soul, it's right here in my actions real, as well as any imagined place!

Four: Charlie, Dixie, Angela Dawn and I up l8 Saturday night (I'm always potentially the rowdiest guest despite myself:-) And then the next day my sister met up with us, and we hosted the hummingbird, which you know was str8: the first time I felt like sad, I got up and found my camera and started stalking the yard from the very edge, only to capture the quarry Charlie's sought so many mornings, but never was the camera so readily at hand (easier to become Peter Parker than SpiderMan (>_xB huh never tried making a Spideycon like that).
So Charlie got to shoot pics, too, which is how we end up with a picture of 58008. She listened intently to us openly expressing things of ourselves such as mundane life requires, to keep eternal perspective. We took the chance to openly discuss Dixie's dreams which return her to a location with regular continuity, though you and I might say she's missing some of her run, if I might suggest she has issues with dreams. I personally had the realization deeply that comic books sometimes came closer to hinting at the truth of what our souls are really capable of becoming; in fact, realizing that's what we really are, our perspective on what we wanna really do with our bodies becomes more clear. The rest can happen when it happens. I'm already waving at myself from the Other Side, my own powerful friend, allied with as many gr8 spirits as ever crossed my mind. Perhaps most fantastic of all is that such should even be, rather than not!
Four: my family of friends who could be anywhere in the multiverse, who touch the earth at the Rocky Mountain Project..We could easily call it Monday Last.
Now on Monday last I, the other kind of "brother" brings his own four: Himself, the sister born October 3rd, the wife and sister in law, born October 2nd, and innndubitably, Aunt Linda, who shares Debra's October 3rd birthday in spirit alone for the first time, because it seems her curiosity about us is keeping her around us----not like Dad making the toaster oven go off without it being set on a verbal cue, but for some reason always talking on and on like she did in life, but like an indistinct AM channel reading for clarity: maybe that's to keep me from going nuts until I type up her story from my notes. I know she didn't make it out there to picnic with her friend Betty like she'd wanted, but I felt like I was going to freak out or cry if I didn't get to take us away from the house, with its two too many dogs inside and her boyfriend, with whom she literally broke up the day before I gave her the news, continuously playing along as though it's not over, and whatever unresolved tidbits Mom and Debra have in an already uncomfortable life change (geez, Deb's unemployment check didn't pop up for several months, til yesterday, if I'm not jet-lagged) . Away, Away, just ...Away.
And Mom's leg's been acting up (more later) so it's just the three of us, so naturally we had to have our "invisible woman" if you'll indulge me the comparison.
I used to go to the woods and turn them into the world of my very own take on comic books and cartoons. Rather than climb into my ample, rediscovered Vertigo comics stash, why not ask Deb to take us all out there to the woods, and travel its smellicious freedomways while not losing the twilight trail? I even buttered her up real good with a walk down to Pasquale's for a sit down and chow, almost too good for her to drive without Mama to help us wolf that 5.99 large pepperoni pizza down...I ordered up another one for picnicking with Mom l8r at Ridge Ferry Park, where we played and sang 'The Stars' first from the swings, and I saw my best friend Tamra and her own family from my Up the Creek days.

More there, too! Her, her husband (a drummer!), her daughter, her sister (ooo!)...whaddya know, another four. Walking sticks, frogs, baby salamanders, pawpaw leaves, and an impressively scary nest by the waters were among the oh so many things. Debra even told us about hikes with her friends in places I've yet to see in this life. Then, finally, four, as Mom left the house of her departed sister to join us beside the river that runs through Rome.
That four went one more time together, to Hartsfield Airport, so we could become two pair again, just as you and I, reader, have paired til this parting. Yet in a way, this life and its exhiliarating, ever-death defying flights, tho it may end some day as elegantly as Chris Dodd today paying faretheewells to Teddy Kennedy, may also be found to never end. It is simply a preview of the greater companionship shared by us in any number, however even we be...or odd.

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