Friday, February 12, 2010

Words that will serve: Inspired by a witty friend

to all my friends

I laugh at how little I really knew of your lives back there. I've become comfortable with remaining in the dark? Sometimes, it's worth noting the atmosphere of being near enough to glimpse that which will remain remote to one's experience (hence the choice of picture following: it just has this emotional quality I wish to express that says more than a few clumsy words).

But my, it's quite a compliment to been seen as radical, creative and different (qualities that belong to, and go right back into, my creations) it just helps to take it as that and not need anything else. I've really been told some pretty damn nice things this week which were also humbling. Let's face it, who wouldn't prefer to be humbled by graciousness as opposed to the many other methods?

I certainly look forward to an infusion of will, here---greater curiosity, experimentation, figuring out the recorder I have and taking its results along with me as I meet and network. I'd be disappointed to do nothing with this opportunity; much like yourself, I'm coming to terms with what that opportunity actually looks like.
Today was one of two this week where sitting blankly seemed part of the plan, much as I'd prefer otherwise; that is just impatience talking. Still, how can you let your opportunity to grow lie fallow, right? At least I reached out a bit to people with my time; it's not like I was hospitalized or attending funerals.

Especially not my own. Though I've found that thought somehow cheery (!), I'm not close to finished with the body of experiences and work I feel compelled to have and make. Heck, I haven't even been as kind or sharing as I feel I should be yet; there still seems to be more trips round the sun that call for more selfless and brave ways of life. I mean, peace with death is a nice idea, but don't you, too, feel like there's surely more ahead in this world?

But, a saying I picked up studying a book on Runes is "What beckons is the creative power of the unknown" and that's as good a way to describe the slow stumble into the dark necessary to find a non-ordinary way to live one's ordinary life, right?

Ah, what a strange hour here on the coast for writing, though. You can tell I'm a veteran of many letters. You're a compelling enough listener, as well. Cheers! Be chill, Cease ill

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