Friday, June 3, 2011

Keep in shape!

Working Out.

I'm well into week four of my gym comeback, so I know it's back in my habits.
I am trying to build endurance and give myself good cardio.

This was the week we were joined by our new friends Josh and Charita, neither of whom were into fitness but have answered a call within with dedication.

My requirement is more energy and better moods; with a little attention and patience, a workout regimen can make you much more comfortable in your own skin. If you could stand to lose a few pounds under your heart, believe me, it's harder to not make time to do this than it is to do it. I've tried both.

It's week five presently. Last week, I used incline and a day or two of rest to set up my best time on two miles, both clocking in together around 16:40, I believe. I try to go for three miles, generally, or I get twenty minutes of cardio on the bike or running, lift weights and stretch a bit, then finish off with a bit more cardio. This past week I've adding crunches---two sets of twenty on a mild incline---and beginning a sort of circuit training. I'm using stationary bike and treadmill plus weights, with a healthy session of yoga at least twice, three times a week to stay limber. Avoid working with too much weight; the endurance you can build with higher reps will increase your resilience, and you can always pack on mass after you get your body use to doing this if you prefer.

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