Sunday, October 2, 2011

Let's make comics, part one Idea, concept, characters

So: I've got characters, I have ideas, I have story, I have a plot with a beginning, middle, and end. I've worked out the look of the title character; now it's time to model the lead character who shares that identity (because she's the pilot of Danger Bot in this story). This reference will help keep the look consistent. I've created small sample versions of the pages, which I then re-drew, and will redraw again. They illustrate the flow of action. I am trying out different ways of framing each panel on each page, like different camera angles for film.

Now, I should have no trouble creating the rough breakdowns of the drawings of the sequences. I will finish up the script at basically the same time. I've even done some work on theme music to help me set the mood while I write, and possibly, to transition the concept into another medium.

I've created a profile entry, of which I'll present a little here. I also included more of the character's capabilities, as they apply here, as well as some story information.

Real Name: Kumiko 'Kacey' Sakura (alternative pilot, Icharu Gorou Etsuko)5'2" 43 kg Hair: Black Eyes: Brown9'4" 256 kg Hair: none Eyes: ElectricPowers: Cybernetic interface with "Danger Bot," Jounzingen Kikensei, a nascent A.I. inside a nine foot tall robotDanger Bot usually operates with three technicians to oversee the danger site, DB's mechanical body, and Kacey's health, but can function strictly under the wearer's guidance as well.Danger Bot enables vision on different wavelengths than normal and enhanced audio reception, with Internet access and hacking capabilities.

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