Monday, March 5, 2012

Look! A New Way of Life's Coming For YOU!

I thought a couple of even BIGGER change were coming along, but as it stands: Angela got a raise and a promotion to supervisor of her department! Ah hah---less physical demand, AND she can come in a couple of hours later! Nothing's been made worse, and it's so nice for her to get recognition and more money.

You may be looking forward to some kind of change in your own life, and it may not even be quite the change you expected at first. Any changes you can make on your own in the meanwhile are worthy considering. One friend lived with a bit of pudge all his adult life, then decided, with forty bearing down on him, he'd bear down on forty, and get in the best shape of his life. Suddenly, he's got an exciting new dating life, with twists and turns he didn't foresee, but the point is, he feels so much better about himself, and more active in his life, which had taken its twists and turns in ways quite outside his influence before.

For us, we've always enjoyed nature, but have gotten ourselves more closely attuned with it. Now we're learning names for plants, animals, and historic formations found right here in our current home county.

While I still need dental care, my entire relationship to pain keeps changing. I often thought gratefully about the opportunities and fortunes and challenges, aware of how very desirable even my humble lot in life was compared to those who must struggle to have even the simplest things I have each day. When the pain starts to turn up and I wish I could escape my own head, I always try to think of the misery of others, so easy to forget sometimes. Lately, I've only used over-the-counter ibuprofen or naproxin and cold water to anesthetize my mouth, along with thoughts of kindness for myself, others, and from others. Hey, yesterday I felt better long enough to play along with the Marc Kane and record a quick birthday text surprise for another friend looking at forty: the classic album cut "Amoreena" from the Tumbleweed Connection! Boy did the Marc really hit that one. You'll hear it for yourself, soon.

It's been a dramatic distraction from my writing in particular lately, but here I am today, hurting but typing, thinking about something our friend Dora said: "You heal the world as you heal yourself." There's a lot of wonderful people sending prayer and energy, which is much better to consider than feeling sorry for myself or frustrated by this chronic condition. I'm ready to call and set an appointment now; there's just too much I want to do and there's a way to get help, and the problem's just not going away to stay, even as it has, thankfully, sometimes days at a time. As a fan of smiling, kissing and other mouth-oriented activity, I'd welcome the change, even if I have to pay in even more pain while recovering. How I think about those for whom their suffering seems to have no end in sight!

I really wish I could afford to pay for it out right, but if I get fixed up, I will go back to more of the things and start new things that I feel like will put us in better financial shape, while at the same time, will take our work out to new audiences and maybe even set off new friendships. That's a quality change. It's already begun.

So hey: just don't doubt it.

Go to the mirror---start or re-start every day---tell that person you see staring back in the looking glass:

Look! A New Way of Life's Coming For YOU!

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