Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day with the Trees (Early development)

It's livened up the house considerably to have this new floral life experiment unfolding on our windowsills and tables. We took our bonsai seeds---Japanese Black Pine-- out of the fridge April 1st after cold germination for about a month, and put in a second batch which remained until April 20th. After four seeming starts, we found ourselves down to one tree, which is growing steadily.
Scarified maple seeds, prepared for germination. When they sink, you know it's a good seed.
New growth emerging from a branch, cut off in pruning by the city, salvaged and set in water for two days.
shrub on our path to Balboa, tree in Balboa---part of our casual catalog, which we're looking up bit by bit this week.
Shang Chi, our Japanese Pine Tree bonsai at nineteen days. So you see, our little lab is a combination of bought seeds and pruned bits from trees in my neighborhood. I plan to document our early tree process from this month in a couple of more blogs, plus there'll be three or four posts based on Balboa Park's foliage as well.

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