Thursday, October 25, 2012

Braddy Y Don't U?

Braddy, Why Don't You?

Now I'm not one to criticize
a sad reflection in my eyes
nothing seems to bring you down
why would you wear out that frown?

Look up, and see the world
in its full complexity
It's gonna get much better, you know
and once again, you'll see

Braddy Y Don't you...
Braddy why don't you-oo, pleease...
Braddy why don't you...
Braddy why don't you
Treat yourself better?

Why don't you treat yourself?
Why don't you treat yourself
better, hoo, oh-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa

(now here's this brand NEW part of the chorus, inspired by finding it again:)

Sit down with you, let's all hang out
we can talk a little dirty
or what the world's about
But Braddy why don't you....?

(Yah, now I like it! Okay, verse two, as written a decade ago)

Give away your worry
Trust your only thing
Be who wakes up, sees
who she's going to be

Something bright in my eyes
don't the pain make moments waste?
You give you have a lot
What can compare to what you have?

What can compare, what can compare, what can compare?

Braddy Y Don't U...
Braddy why don't you-oo, pleease...
Braddy why don't U...
Braddy why don't U
Treat yourself better?

(and newly inspired, I added:)

Sit down with U let's all hang out
we can talk a little dirty
what the world's about, but oh-oh!
Why don't you, Braddy, why don't U?

Why don't U come treat yourself?
Why don't U come treat yourself
better, hoo, oh-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa

written by Cecil Lou Disharoon
2012 Wingbat Tunes/ Integr8d Soul Productions

I wrote this tune at the end of college a few years ago to remind me of this very attractive friend I had, who I would never see again, sure, but a very cheerful, uplifting set of words...and who knew there would be a Braddy in our lives again? But there is...a song that never stopped being fun has come back with irrepressible Joy, in time for our definitive recordings, and for our name change as a band to Soul Ba-Doom Ba-Doom!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enormous writing energy's been reserved for a very private (at the moment) project so I can be totally honest as I always am here, but with something kept for me to understand and ponder and appreciate, to have as my own and make up for an absence I must endure, and paradoxically to celebrate a presence I feel!

It's the transition to a new life for us, really, marking the true end of what I've made here with "Be Chill, Cease ill," composed from my life with Angela and our dearest friends, and all begun to entertain the re-entry into my life of Troy Jones, a great friend and brother returned. Considering I started my life with the three worst enemies to my progress and then found another one for company (but at the time, we sustained one another's escapism), I had a lot of love for those people...then a really troubled but funny and brilliant kid came to my school and gave me the first person of my own to hang around with away from school on anything like a daily basis, the first real opening to what my life outside my life could be...which is good, 'cause I was in love with "Rocket Man" and nearly too unhappy to live, so otherwise misunderstood did I feel. So TJ's the first person to really take me out to do things, even if some of them were mischievous...the confidence you get when you don't feel neglected and when you do feel understood for the freak you seem to be is incredible, and so I hope he of all people gets to enjoy this book (and will let me help him get one together for his daughter!).

I hope something I've said here will stay like a friend in your thoughts and inspire you to love life creatively. The biggest change since the beginning of our adult lives will show through very soon indeed...I am tempted to start sharing all about it.

I hope to compose one or a series more of posts inspired by my friend Tau Palamas and our bike rides, as it threads nicely through these past two months.

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TJ said...

Love this my good friend! Getting back in touch with you is the best thing Facebook ever did for me! I love ya...and yes, we will be brothers forever..all that time we spent "outside our lives" is precious to me and a higher power brought us together just when I needed another person to understand me! The poor health today definitely interferes with time we have today but you're always in my heart brother! TJ