Thursday, February 21, 2013

State of Love and Trust

I've seen the beginning of something true happen quickly indeed. Angela and I had only been friends for two weeks (our sisters worked and hung out together, too), when we fell for each other. We married the next month, because I had already planned to leave town to pursue adventure and music in Colorado, 2000 miles away! It shocked everyone, but we trusted one another, and have stayed together every since, so I know true love can be real . It helps that we were together in person every day: you see each other's actions, and how that person feels, the need to hold and kiss.
Angela talk a lot and open our feelings, and we like each other, too. It's been years of love and trust, but along the way, we worked hard on showing we believe in each other and remove negativity between us every day. It's been a lot of fun, too!! She's sweet, creative, both mystical and down-to-earth, and wise. We truly go our own direction in life, like one heart and soul, in a way. So we have trusted in each other to try some things too scary for most people (like coming to California alone, or falling in love together, this one time---and it's okay if you found it hard to understand what I meant).
So! It can't be taken for granted, but yes, love can be very real. Then, there's the scary side, and this often happens:
Sometimes, you build trust, like, even love, for months with a person, then feel them pull away without any explanation. even though you meant every word. That is the risk you take when you put your heart out there, especially if you can't see the person every day. I would caution any friend to wait until they are face to face to fall all the way, to see how things go, how you will be treated. (But, we didn't, LOL.) I think it's so hard for human beings when a person seems to understand their hopes and dreams and want to share them. Some people find they are afraid, maybe too cautious, and may even run away after being bold. It is easier to trust someone who has never abandoned you. But each person must find for him or her self what is true in one's heart.


Fred's devoted slave DixieLou said...

Love you sweets! yes, face to face you can see those eyes. And it is hard hard HARD not to spot those eyes that lie! We are so very glad you two have each other, as me and Charlie have each other, to cling to on this ride called life. It is truly a rollercoaster, sometimes the SCREAM MACHINE, and sometimes the MINDBENDER! But if your lucky -- it can be nice and smooth, a little scary and a TON of coolness points like the Dolonega Mining Train!! Hope you like the Six Flags references hahaha Love you muches

cease ill said...

Meant to say, I love'em. Thanks! I'm sorry if this set up a negative situation while you were worried, days later, but I do appreciate the adoring evaluation of these words, and I know they have an emotional reflection in your own love life! I hope they give everyone who reads them hope.