Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Over (or are we just beginning)

"Over," along with our "Rocket Man," has been getting airplay on 95.7 fm The Ridge out of Northwest Georgia/ Northeast Alabama. (2016 update: 99.1 FM Downtown Radio in Tucson is the latest now to give "Over" a spin!)

It's funny to think of that sober, reverent folk song being the one way most people in the region know of our music, when there's so many upbeat or darkly rocking songs in our catalog, but it does carry our trademark lyrics. Thankfully the somewhat-sad atmosphere of the tune is relieved by its hopeful last verse. It's usually a break, when played live, between our more boisterously-delivered numbers. I DO wonder how it got played twice over the other two numbers submitted for the BAttle of the Bands page, but as an artist it sometimes feels a bit egocentric to ask specifically about opinions of your individual work. (Maybe I'm afraid they didn't like the other two?)

it's over too soon
is it true I'll spend no days with you?
I believed we were over the moon
You're not here, so was that ever true?
and it's over...over

Can we live beneath the same sky?
Will we ever know the reason why?
All that we must do, before we die
over all the reasons we might try
and it's over...over

Clouds release the tears of future fun
dry upon the things flowers have done
they'll be seen on days
of cheerful sun
with some answer, play, for there's still one
when it's over
over here
here it's over

words and music by Lue Lyron Copyright 2013 Integr8d Soul Productions

How we ended up with...a break up song? a break out song is a story that maybe deserves its own novel (which I've been preparing for now for quite a while!). But the back story doesn't matter overly much, since you're bound to bring your own story to it. Is it a funeral? What kind of goodbye is it? It's certainly a goodbye to something, someone, but it's not without hope. And I wrote one of our most cheerful songs, "Angela Dawn," just minutes after I played "Over" for the first request from the Marc Kane.

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