Friday, October 31, 2014

Our Ba-Doom Guy

Here is yo killer/ the North Georgia Thriller/ the real blood spiller/ my rhymin' ain't vanilla/ or every day filler/ but straight cold chillah/ before I hit the pilla / kick a beat like J Dilla/ now I'm gonna treat you to a flow that have fools takin' lesson/ and all the ladies gonna leave them guessin'/ fresh talents like these, are like God's own blessin'/ spend a night with me and you will need confessin'/ better get this while it fresh and out the oven/ can't quit this wit I'm the shit that they be lovin'/ gonna take that love, but I don't need nothin'/ cut a blunt, wrap it up once you crush that big ol' nug in/ smoke it up, get 'em up and get that big ol' hug in/ to a crackly crisp and then we keep on chuggin'/ Ask y'self do you think you can hang with Our Ba-Doom Guy / will you stand out when I give that full room view eye/ better catch me quick if you want to see the sunrise/ catch with your mind and then your boom-boom boom thighs/ if you ain't havin' fun, it's your loss 'cause we all so soon die/ catch a beat with your feet to Our Ba-Doom Guy...Boom Boom, Boom-boom ba-doom...shake the room...and shake your gloom...with our Ba-Doom Guy...boom boom...boom ba-doom...keep your head sly...shake the room...shake y'gloom...with Our Ba-Doom Guy.

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