Friday, July 17, 2015

Death Note : A Fun Party Game! by Cecil L Disharoon


Everyone that wants to play gathers in a room, or outdoors, sitting or standing optional.

Take out a deck of playing cards, and set aside one for each player. The deck needs only a single Ace of any suite.
This will be used when selecting L. But first:

L- Accuser
Shinigami-Demon who takes care of the Death Note and messages from L
Kira- Killer
Investigators - All players except the Shinigami

1. Someone has to play the demon, the Shinigami; if you have one handy, give them an apple to remind everyone they are that character.
The Shinigami has two jobs.

2. AT the beginning of play, that person chooses one of the players to give the Death Note, a regular note book and pen. During this point, everyone's eyes are closed and we are all rapping our hands on our legs and clapping to make noise; this lets the demon move freely. On each turn, Kira writes another name in the Death Note, and the cause of death and time if you like. I think the funnier the cause of death, the better. Kira is the person with the notebook, btw.
Selecting L

3. The demon's second job is to take the notebook back and forth from the Kira player to the player who reveals her or his self to Ryuke, the Shinigami, as L. Again, everyone make noise and cover the movement.

L conducts the investigation. To select an L, everyone draws from the deck, and whoever comes up with the Ace is L. Everyone keeps what they got to themselves for now. No one should know who L is yet, except the demon character.
4. L can pick any character to suspect. L's guess is written down (while everyone makes distraction noise, eyes shut) and taken up by the Shinigami (non-player role, not an Investigator). L's identity is the second mystery in the game---a mystery for the Kira player to solve.
All the other players—-the “investigators”--then vote whether or not that person is Kira. If they get it right, game over. But every round, another player “dies” until the mystery's solved.

Double Identity Mysteries
5. Kira doesn't kill the Shinigami, but Kira might kill L, on purpose or by accident. If Kira writes down the real name of the person who is also the “L” player, the Shinigami lets the “Kira” player know and Kira remains Kira, but takes over as L, writing the accusations! A player selected to be Kira secretly might also get the Ace and play both from the start!

6. Each player killed by Kira is eliminated from the game, and can sit and make noise with the rest of the players or leave the area if they are bored now.

7. Once a person's cleared, they can no longer be suspected. Each suspect is voted upon, and if there's a majority of investigators who think this person is Kira, the demon's consulted for a yes or no, for the purposes of our game. An Investigator who is cleared can still vote.

8. Each round, only one person can be held up as a suspect for the Shinigami to verify. The option to vote “no” on a person is there every round, but L continues until everyone agrees to vote on a suspect to investigate.

9. (optional) The players can impose another limitation placed on the number of suspects the Shinigami can be asked about, for example, a “yes” vote to investigate a person can be used in the progress of one round, but if Kira's not found, on the next round suspects can be discussed, but no vote taken. Play resumes pattern. After the skip round, another accusation can be made.

10. When half the players are gone, anyone can propose that L is Kira, one and the same. But if they accuse someone of being both and they're wrong, they're "off the investigation" ---out of the game. And if they're right---they win!

L- Accuser
Shinigami-Demon who takes care of the Death Note and messages from L
Kira- Killer
Investigators - All players except the Shinigami

Game adapted from "The Werewolf Game" (thanks Mo!).
It's far from perfect, but seems like a manageable game and fun homage to Death Note, the Anime.
Created by me, Cecil Disharoon. Any suggestions?
Be Chill, Cease Ill

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