Friday, October 21, 2016

Bridgit Mendler, Atlantis, and Owlcat!

When Integr8d Soul opened for Benjamin K last year, we got a great taste of danceable tunes. We'd love to try some things in that direction, ourselves! Yours truly- Cecil- put together songs like Bejamin K's "Welcome To Atlanta" to create a presentation for the thirty attendees of the Rome Art Coterie, Making Comics. That spring and summer found Ben K as our popular "go-to" music (along with Flux Oersted and many popular Anime themes).

Before we completed the full documentary "Making Comics," we got sucked back into the comics industry in a new, elevated fashion, as we developed Hero Duty for IDW Publishing alongside HD's creator, the diversely-talented Joe Phillips! So, when we finish Making Comics, we will have made comics again on a whole new level.

But the point of this post is Ben K's afterlife as Owl Cat. He's been jamming out at festivals across Northwest Georgia and Chattanooga, Tennessee.
This song's one of his latest this year. Dance and hip hop meet in a lush Owl Cat setting- and why put it into words, when you can click for yourself?

Best of luck!

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