Sunday, October 11, 2009

Immortals in Training

Immortals in Training. It's everybody---everybody. The viewpoint from which I am returning has given me the stomach of the person about which I am next writing, and that is the proper level at which to write. Once we read through the story "Holy Terror, Holy Pity", or the sequel to "So the Truth May Survive" we will have an illumination into the version of our dual nature as the universe and as humanity told in the colors ringing of truth.

I am committed to remembering the sanctity of all life and releasing illusions so deeply held beneath our subconscious concentration that they may elude our understandings, and with it, our peaceful negotiation with one another in these times.

I am proud of the pains that have brought this story to life, as I find faith in its voice. I will occasionally demonstrate how we often have no real measure of how much we are loved, having chosen at times to forget our identities as loved ones. You would not be now here reading this without the love of someone, however much you might judge their efforts.

When I realize the greatness of the force that motivates these words, my chaotic preparation to become this writer becomes a more humorous collection of lessons, as I have learned to enjoy my grim tales in art, with the need to constantly expand the warmth of tones and the fidelity to the beautiful long sentence and the down-to-earth conversations we hear in our favorite characters.

Before "I" prepared this ---you, my future reader, seem to be in on this at the very moment it's written, that's why it feels like you could easily have had these thoughts on your own. I'm excited that you will have thoughts on your own, and while I encourage a positive tone for our mutual benefit, I will certainly take in any you share with me, until such day I confess to being too behind to keep up with all the fan mail, at which point I'll then promptly develop the super-power to hear you anyway! I say, welcome aboard ASAP, the longer we're friends, the more happy I can be to see messages coming in from old friends! To say the least, it's simply never done without you.

Honestly? I didn't think "Sunstrike and Valkyrie Maiden" as a title did justice to their equality as characters nor did it give any hint of the importance of the twins at the center of observation ("Name the Twins" is hereby closed, as I've finally realized nobody else will probably feel comfortable to submit any idea that isn't a raucous joke---or do you have the burning inspiration to break my expectations?). So: whether it be in graphic novel form, or in its movie script or book or floating verbal cloud, Immortals in Training will be the title by which to find the adventures of...well, what starts in the present versions (!) as a teenage girl visiting family in Denmark getting mixed up with a thousand year old vampire and a champion of Luxitica, born of Earth and recently returned to wander the world, on the site of a lost museum of the Dark Ages. I've previously referred to it as inspired by a domestic situation crossed with the fantastic, and it's gotten more interesting growing into a life of its own. I hope that helps you understand why I think it'll have something for anyone and will remain a written child of my heart for you to revisit any time you seek that special motivation that lets you know, right in the stomach, you're in for the entertainment of your life! Hope you enjoyed the sketch; it'll always remind me of "Marker Day"...but that's another story.

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