Sunday, November 15, 2009

Skinny writing: an answer of some considerable lumination

Only continued spiritual growth can make that behaviour outmoded and thus, discarded by you.

So: the answer.

There is basically a duality that arises within us: one part is a voice full of unreality, not all malicious but nonetheless without substance; and the other is a peaceful, wonderful beacon of truth, which provides everything of substance, and the joy empowering each task we undertake for its own sake.

That true self is the one that observes the emotional states, the other is the one that becomes absorbed into them and confuses the self with the reaction, thus creating the illusion that we, the we that we feel we are being, is the reaction. Yet if that reaction is not filled with love, sharing, humor and wisdom, it's like confusing the cloud with the actual disappearance of the sun.

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