Sunday, December 13, 2009

Totalitarianism getting you down?

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Here's an example from science:
Cybernetics shows that totalitarianism - and indeed any attempt to control human beings - has some inbuilt flaws. Any system that doesn't allow for feedback will eventually go off the rails, and any authority relationship is one where accurate feedback is not possible - if someone has the power to sack you, or have you imprisoned, or have you killed, you're going to be very careful about what you tell them. Authority breeds lies - the cheque's in the post, the dog ate my homework, it's my grandmother's funeral - and then the person in authority has to make decisions based on those lies. Garbage in, garbage out. (This, incidentally, seems to explain the decisions made by a lot of political leaders, and may also explain the apparent paranoia often exhibited at the very top.)---from A Trout In Milk, posted by Andrew Hickey
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:-) Meanwhile, can organized efforts deal with the worst crises of our time? A few organized efforts have participated in the perpetuation of crisis---but is it making you feel angry and at a loss for agency?

First, love thy neighbor as thyself...

Bear in mind, solutions/ innovations/ creative ideas tend to materialize simultaneously at several places around the world. Don't think a little local solving is meaningless.

Meanwhile, I encourage you to maintain an inquisitive mind without letting your emotions be dragged through the mud; upon examination, much of the discussion is debased by hysteria and presented with very poor logic, both in structure and substantial fact-checking. It's perfectly reasonable to criticize badly reasoned or presented information; it betrays the lack of rigorous analysis or critical thinking. People who can't organize information correctly can spew whatever feeds their paranoia, don't you think? Would you rather not address the whole of the commentary and just take on the part you find antagonistic, thus feeding an addiction to petty argument?
The loss of cordiality can only strain out the conversants into fervent true believers and the rest. If we have an angry "us vs. them" volley of badly-composed sentences, we will miss working out a more fair way of conducting our society, leaving us without oversight or accountability, at the whims of the most ruthless, worshippers of pure profiteering---which, at least, is a credible, if reprehensible and short-sighted, motivation.

Excessive emotionality is creating unnecessary division in our country and depriving us of fact-based, humane conversation, capable of genuine, empirical skepticism---and possibly,optimism and good will. If something's worth your convictions, it will stand a bit of analysis; we can't all be brilliant interviewers, but don't be afraid of rigorous thinking, nor confuse it with an indulgence in fear and worry. It's your mind; use it for freedom. Center your feelings and practice kindness, and you will find energy untold for increasing knowledge that illuminates all points of view.---Cecil Lue

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