Monday, December 7, 2009

My artwork this week

My upcoming story "Remus Sharptooth Regrets...!" has the following scene (along with what I hope you will find to be thoughtful characters, humor and wonder

I haven't forgotten our "D'N'A" strip; here is Dee Cee and Amanda (d& a! Happy serendipity at first)and there's been more thought concerning character maybe we're ready to pick it up again...

I love Paul Smith's brief run on X-Men; it was just before the first battered old issues dave-o ever snuck to me inside a trapper keeper folder in school. Here is an homage to UNCANNY X-MEN #174; I redesigned a couple of panels, in an effort to make myself be original to some degree.

The last panel was kinda my third try, after one out of me noggin' followed by two more deliberate attempts. I took some liberties with the hair, since I could take the time to be a bit more subtle. I sighed and hoped my future work could so strong. We'll see

our Western Surprise character, as inspired by Gil Kane. "Who's gunning for Remi D'Amico?"

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cease ill said...

Was just watching some Animal Planet and got an idea from English folklore about the hellhounds or black hounds, when the next segment, with the Black Cat of Killikey (sp)mentioned the Hellfire Club's place of worship---that being a reference Chris Claremont borrowed to create recurring villains of wealth and taste for the X-Men strip mentioned above! Serendipity indeed...