Saturday, January 16, 2010

Never Thought You Knew, part four of four

The story's still being worked out in document form, but I like what is told in the symbols of these pictures that guide me. I think you may enjoy it this way.

Tanij and Santos’ generous offer of a place to stay a while warms Meaghan’s heart, though her restlessness drives her outside, with intimations of her journey remaining. She stops at a strip mall for a bite; it would give them some space, and, she reasons, the urge to take over the kitchen is great.

She sends Brian and Kaya a text a world away, and misses Molly with her call. Whatever her pains, the trip provides an emotional remove. A boy's t-shirt evokes her faraway brother; could only imagine how often Spider-Man was Brian's spiritual disguise in the mind's eye, swinging and climbing to freedom in his surroundings.

The desert beckons...the desert calls her spirit home.

But was that the life she wanted...anyway? One makes strange promises for Love.

Photo courtesy Sabrina Lam Hall
But was that the life she wanted...anyway? One makes strange promises for Love.
Accept full range of emotional experience
Practice a kind of stillness and calm.
Peaceful waters, on a day of the sort one might imagine in Heaven itself.

fire from the old years' growth to light the promise of a new spring, decorated with heaven horizons.

Photo courtesy Sabrina Lam Hall

A need to be artistic, a need to gain control of something in the chaos, led her to unpack her pad, her pencils, her charcoal, her inspiration.

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