Saturday, January 23, 2010

Opening a letter to my friends of all stripes

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and now, a letter on real world workings from an insider to the third world:
Mahesh Rajasuriya January 23 at 3:35am
Dear C Lue,

Thank you for offering help. Yes, we need it. The less powerful need people like you, people with a conscience, always.

My view of the happenings in Sri Lanka goes like this:

Sri Lanka has been a country that has been camping one or the other powerful countries in the recent history for survival. But with the extraordinary leadership given by current president Mahinda Rajapaksa in defeating one of the most powerful terrorist organisation in the world, Sri Lanka has taken a new path. A path of independence and autonomy. The average person feels that he has a say in where the country is moving. But the elite class (people like myself and J-----) is not very happy. Because our power is dwindling. To cut a long short story, the land value in prime locations in Colombo, the capital have gone down slightly while land values in the rural areas where nobody even ever knew to have existed, have shot up. A slight exaggeration, but I would say the poor and the less powerful are becoming richer and more powerful. Sri Lankan identity is gaining more momentum.

The media that advocated anti-Sri Lankan policy, local as well as international, alcohol and tobacco industry that feel the real threat of dwindling income due to programmes to reduce substance use by the poor rather than by the middle class, people who are brought up in the Western culture, like myself and J---- (myself <<< J-----) who were wishing that one day Sri Lanka would be another state of the US (or India for some other people).... The list is long. All these people have suddenly found a way to reverse the recent developments. Noam Chomsky has said this very well.

So the idiotic villager that accidentally came to power, who speak accented school boy English (i.e. the current president) is trying to rule this country for another six years. No way! We need our country back.

That is what these people seem to say or think.

The president and his party has thousand weaknesses that need correction. But where do you get perfect leaders? Corruption-free governments? We cherish the leader we have got. At least for the time being.

It seems the international forces, especially ones who were ridiculed by the presidents stern actions during the last phase of the war, also seem to have found a good opportunity take their revenge as well as create anarchy in Sri Lanka so they could put their finger in. Even better if they can get the opposition candidate to win (a dream!) they could create a puppet government.

Now the plan is to duplicate Orange Revolution (Ukraine) in Sri Lanka.

Ok, I will stop here. First I would like to know what you think about what I have said. And please let me also know what you have so far found out about the Sri Lankan issue.

Best of luck.


Accurate reporting on Sri Lanka said...

Time to read about Orange Revolution in Ukraine and Green Revolution in Iran. The stage is being set to re-enact the same drama here in Sri Lanka with international support.

Accurate reporting on Sri Lanka said...