Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Connection: Earth


My budding efforts to unite small business people and thinkers with moral support brought me friends of a friend over Thanksgiving. Not only did I start learning about a musical instrument such as I've never known, but I found its maker married to someone with a degree in eco-psychology.

There are lots of things said by ignorant people concerning degrees that don't promise money, but there is something to be said about the way we are living and how we will continue to live as our population gains another couple billion in the next four decades or so. Money can be made without any work; money is usually made up of some form of debt. That's the illusion of wealth, the emperor with no clothes. What we need is to be wise. We can seek our own happiness and never find it. We can seek it for others and never lose it.

Where are we headed? By what means do we plan to survive? The choices we make today are critical, because what we cannot conserve is forever lost to future generations. Why take for granted the survival of tomorrow's people? They will already have their hands full learning to get along.

I believe the environment is our primary asset, one that is not compensated for its contribution, one that I dare say many do not consider actually valuable---though taking from it has given us our entire way of life! Our sanity and our environment are tied intimately. When we think of our economy---when we think of our survival---we need to consider what we actually have, and what is the true cost of using it, and for what?

I look forward to talking to my new friend, Kris. Meanwhile...would you take a listen to these instruments her husband makes? C Ryan the Pan Man's Panz 4 urself at Terratonz.com.

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