Thursday, February 2, 2012

Anniversary of a Kiss

So, we played another Winston's set...we're really getting in the swing now! Cathryn's LocalSDMusic has been generous company for us, shaking out the first live show jitters. We played six songs, including a salute to Eddie Vedder, "Black"! Then we walked off without our three Puzzle Girl t-shirts we put out for display on the bar! The extra-large shirts are $17, by the way; the white ones at regular size are $13.

It's a really nice ride out on the 923; I imagine when it warms up, we'll be spending the day in Ocean Beach to soak up the atmosphere, maybe make some new friends, and invite people into Happy Hour!

Check out this artist that was hanging out in Winston's.

Fresh out of sarcasm---I mean, I pulled a broken chip of tooth, a huge jagged stabbing thing left over from a hopelessly impacted wisdom tooth---I'm just glad we made it at all! I couldn't wipe myself out on benozene, either---stuff makes you not only lethargic, but a bit irritable over time! Just keeping my mouth clean.

We started the day walking to Little Italy for gloss and a new set of paints; wait until you see! An article coming out in the Rome News Tribune's Roman Life section Sunday will give you a fine idea what we're up to: it features our East Coast inspiration, Kudzu Mountain GYPSY Cave, and the beautiful art bottles they feature at Imagine Hair Salon & Art Gallery in downtown Rome.

We practiced again for a bit---we made time for a rare visitor last night, cool story there---maybe two rehearsals shy of what I wanted from us, but, again---glad we made it!!! I can't lie, I love being on stage and just want to groove and improve! Tell you more about the show in a bit. I need to kick back. Tonight's the anniversary of my first kiss with the Marc Kane, and while we didn't squeeze in "Don't Look Now," it's nice to have a song around by which to remember the night every thing changed for the better..."don't look now---someone's falling in love!"

Music by 5:00 kitty plague 5:30 Integr8d Soul 6:00 Adam Feilmeier 6:30 The Mighty Sun 7:00 The Happy Smoke NO COVER---it's Local SD Music power wCathryn Beeks at Winston's in Ocean Beach!!! We're Integr8d Soul, and we'll see YOU there!!! (Or imagine you)

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