Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I'm back, baby!

After I finished my short stories, I found myself kind of written out; all I wanted to do was play music, network, and, with the right occasion in Anaheim to inspire me, draw again!

Nine days of vacation later, I have what i need to at least launch one of our two major music efforts commercially and a host of great times spent with my best friend, the irredoubtable Marc Kane (that sounds good)!

I must have nine or ten blog posts in me, including:

*Whatever I still remember from Comic Con!
*Something about bike riding, which is becoming a ingrained interest!
*Responses to my friend's thoughtful, inspiring maxims, mixed in with my daily life
*Adventures in Anaheim, at EMediastar's Science Fiction Saturday Autograph show
*Shannon Tower Band
*Happy Birthday, Happy Ron Hill
*our recent comics reading, including Adventures of a Comic Con Girl, Infernal Man-Thing, Captain Marvel, and Students of the Unusual (to be continued over on integr8dfix.blogspot.com...plus a re-assessment of our comics plans
*At least one post devoted to the preservation of Ocean Beach
*Philosophy, drawing, and the joys of a good book from a friend
*maybe something fun on summer movies...maybe even something about my time in the Mormon Batallion

You never know: I want to re-assess these things I just didn't have time, energy or inclination to write about while I was in the busy process of experiencing it all...and maybe I did finally put some energy towards enjoying a video game like I had not in years with Marvel Avengers Alliance on Facebook! I haven't spent this much time with one since my family got its first home video games, believe me! Gotta say, it did its job in helping me forget to obsess over linger emotional pains, with realizations still trickling through to my more, newly-relaxed self.

Honestly, I have to just make some totally new stuff I haven't even considered, yet, as I did at Marca's urging on guitar tonight; we've rehearsed so much Integr8d Soul Rocket, Man! I felt bored with a song of our own I already knew how to play, precisely because I was tired and didn't feel the sense of discovery that has permeated these nine wonderful days. The answer was to take a few neat chords, without much thought for particulars, and just take turns free-styling about our trip, our perceptions, and responses to one another's lyrics!

Discovery: That's partially why I'm excited about drawing, again, with several pieces dating back to last week's Anaheim show begging for my attention again, and then, our new stuff. I know I have my share of editing to begin, and I think I was going to start learning more about computer programming, trying a new way to sell our shirts and comics, and ...you can see why I have to get one or two things at a time right or I'll be too excited to sleep!

The point of picking through the dormant memories of my summer, in part, is the same as the bike rides we've taken: you know you have something, but unpacking its meanings for you takes time and introspection. The joy to approach it all, however, came from Love, and love can only be had by relationships, and relationships require abandoning the confines of one's nest. Life itself has been the main book of choice all summer long, and even as I get back to the rest of our work outside of fresh air and Soul Rocket, I know it's just heading towards more pulse-pounding, balance-heaving momentum, emotions of timeless flight.

The wealth of friendships and love in our lives, with the incalculable benefit of the health to enjoy them, gives me a nice, refreshing tank of breathable air for diving into these many endeavors. The best is still becoming, but the road to it leads right through the present. I am in awe that life should be so alive, and all the fun I see around me, I wish for more people in the world! I will pass it along every way I can!

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