Saturday, July 21, 2012

Spidey's 50th anniversary and the Comic Con Spider Panel!

Okay, I'm going to try to remember what was said, because life took off like a SHOT and every since my brain tired happened while writing the first column, I never wrote the rest. I thought the pictures were fine, till someone whose opinion really mattered criticized me for not doing better---I guess in life, overall, but am I about to reveal some surprises on THAT front, LOL---so I took it down. Still, two months later, I'm kind of busy! Let's see...they were asked who would they like to see in the Spider-man movies, who was their favorite character in the Spider-verse, WHY would people hound Dan Slott to the ends of the Earth after the Alpha storyline (whuh? I'm not a comics blogger, I hadn't read Spidey in a year!) and his surprise in the anniversary issues (can't wait to bicycle out to Ocean Beach and pick up the ones on my new pull list!). Uh, favortite non-comics version of the wall-crawler? I may be making things up. If I remember ANY of the answers to these things, I will share, but the point really is: wasn't it so cool to sit in a room filled with hundreds of Spider-fans, listening to the current creative teams talk about Spider-Man? The answer's definitely yes.

Alpha, by the by, is an adolescent super-hero with groovy flight and strength powers, who becomes Spider-Man's SIDE KICK! He has no secret identity, though, so he has all the fun of hitting on girls and cashing in on his fame, without the misunderstandings engendered by Spider-Man's mystery and, frankly, spookier powers.

I know, Spider-Man archetypally is the teenager, how dare they? But it's a commercial enterprise, with an eye towards selling more Spider-Man tm stuff, and these teams just have to do the best they can to come up with something that hasn't quite been done before, on a character who's been Marvel's most published in fifty years of existence. To be honest, from what I read in the reprints of the classic Stan Lee/ Steve Ditko issues? Sometimes even last month or six month ago, the reader thought the comics were better and the creators (the ORIGINAL guys so praised now) were blowing it in a big way! Every since people cared, no one's had the exact same idea of what would be the cool way to decide a character's history and future, much less much consensus on what's cool now, which is the big target. Somebody ALWAYS doesn't like what you're doing if you've made it! I guess, if you don't expect anything constructive from my terse critic, he's a little sign of status to remind me I'm making it out past my friends to make fans!

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