Wednesday, May 8, 2013

writing a song: Evolution (Bananas)

The singing's flawed more than what I usually put up, but it's expressive, so hey. "Evolution (Bananas)", written by me as Lue Lyron for Soul Ba-Doom Ba-doom and displayed above,

is my demo...I really must take it over to Ed's and do something with it, and at least a dozen others...I just lost touch with my original music for a little while, with a couple of exceptions, but last week I started pulling out more of it again.

Now here's the thing: when I wrote "Just an Illusion" for example, sometimes you don't want the situation to exist, and you're miserable (this was three years ago?) and then you hit upon something to say, and it writes itself...and you feel empowered, right? But then you have to accept that things are as they are...and so, songs are a way of dealing with reality, emotional realities that are complex for feeling people. (ooh, I'm getting a blog here! Ha! It's been a while since I updated.) So you have the song...and over time, you heal...and you have the song, and it gives you back the power you lost. So actually, if your heart's breaking, the song's a pretty good way of dealing with things, for that reason: it's a coming to terms. Probably "easier" if it's someone else's situation and you pour your empathy into it.

This one started with a desire to write The Marc Kane something with great, more personal and fitting lyrics, while listening to her play "Still The Same" by Bob Seger. Glorifying the cold-hearted gambler in the song just didn't feel right for her fresh, sweet voice, so I took some of her words (talking about her struggle years ago with anorexia, and what she learned from it about moving on) and paired it with some of the chords in "Same." As the song wrote itself, I rhymed "ape" with "escape" uncertainly; it had some logic to it, a song about mimicking love or actually living up to it. Then my friend DJE3, over at Underground Masters, had said something about "involution" preceding "evolution" and while I've been through these strange processes in my life, I was shaking off the hangover from a deeply disappointing situation that really took me off my game. So "Evolution" was triggered by "ape" and now the song had a lyrical theme to carry itself all the way through! The apes and bananas thing leaped out of my subconscious and made me laugh: "go bananas, throw bananas...slip on a peel" ! But I kept it, because it gave the song an originality and humanity with which I couldn't part.

Now here's the next step, two weeks later..before the study recording.

I hope it's a lot of fun for you to hear, and maybe you'll feel some inspiration, at least, the creative feeling will manifest itself in your life and whatever you do, however you live it.

Peace! Be Chill, Cease ill

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