Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Knot in Love

I'd just written "Knot In Love" so this was probably the same day I worked it out. I might smooth out the vocals in places but it's a good demo of my intentions. I wrote and recorded this at Peacock Pet Palace...a place referenced in its own song, "Fire Gang Summer" !

Said I love you and I don't wanna freak you out / We can have good times together if they're innocent of doubt / but we're not in love...are we? / Are we...not in love/ tied so closely...knot in love

So many others and we can't get across the view / Understand the mothers when they sang with joy to you / But are we not? Are we not in love? / Tied so closely ...knot in love

/ Glad we can say, love / if you can't stay, love / we'll find a way, love, we'll find a way/ to make the best of the snow/ to let the real thing go / wherever seas ever flow/ I know you're in deep, as snow in my dreams / the ice has its meaning come into my dreams/ Come into my dreams...

Knot in love, tied so closely, are we not, are we? / But we're not in love...are we? Are we not in love / Knot in love / We are all Love/ But are we not? Are we not in love? / Tied so closely / Knot in love / Say we love y'all / Say Love is All/ We are. -C Lue Lyron

I listen to my voice in my mind sing the words; if I'm smart I sit down with a pencil and paper and jot it down, which facilitates more lines growing. Dixie overheard me singing this one and remarked how much she liked it, how pretty it was.

I'd had "knot in love" ---and its homophone "knot" for "not"---for a few weeks when it all came in this form rather than a previously incomplete song. Too bad it doesn't translate into any language I know of but English!

A knot lays things closely together. A knot complicates things. A knot holds things together.

I was inspired by feelings I had at the time and images of discovering when I had fallen into true love. I thought it'd make a nice drama to merge the doubt, gentle encouragement and approach, and imagery of the recent snow. I like it because "we're not in love" lends itself to a drama about people brought close by life who aren't really meant to be connected romantically. Yet, the dual meaning also describes a different situation, with the very same words: the realization of falling in love...one that will last. We're at the precipice where friendship becomes so much more!

One spot I love is the bridge. "The ice has its meaning come into my dreams...come into my dreams." Does the narrator know he's frozen out, a realization that's followed him into his sleep? What does the ice stand for? Is the ice the "doubt" mentioned in the first line? Does the phrase split into "meaning, come into my dreams"? The ice has its meaning...when it thaws one day, they'll be together? As soon as the ice is gone from the road? Is he asking the object of affection to come into his dreams? Well---all of that!!

Is it a paen, a praise, of friendship? Is it the last possible moment of denial before tentatively reaching out to an inevitable attraction? Does it softly mourn what will never be with this person, but what, optimistically, the narrator knows will come some day?

What passes for a refrain simply develops out of the verses.
I often imagine how it could sound with harmonica or steel guitar added, you know?

Maybe this song's time to shine has come around again. It's been a good year for writing songs.

Thanks for letting me share a bit of explication. I really hope it gets you readers interested in my own songs, and in your own thought processes: to bolster the idea that life is rich with meanings.

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