Monday, August 8, 2011

Straight talk about life: Insight paired with decision.

I think the question of our past poses a lot of imaginative insight. Who was the first person to worry? Why, in place of doing, did this develop? One thing we can know: whoever that was did not let worry stop them from living. We don't know what part worry played in that person's death, mind you, but they at least had progeny, protected and taught to act by someone.

There is a fear in the face of physical danger that is something like the beginnings of worry, a fear for the loss of that with which one identifies, and past the point at which this feeling informs us we might need to change direction, quickly, anything that embraces fear, over that window of decision, is worry. You have nothing more to lose, or gain, than your life, after all.

A decision to do anything constructive in any way is one of two directions away from one's dilemma, for which one prepares as best as one can. A suggestion of some such thing to do can emerge from inner silence, as well. Clearing your mind is the one survival technique I advise you to build, for finding the best use of your patience and love. There's nothing for a hot situation like a cool head. When you are not held hostage by your emotions, your worry, your anger, you can see things as an ongoing association of relationships.

Insight paired with decision.

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