Friday, June 8, 2012

The bad guys don't always win

Because many of you (back in GA) are shocked and saddened by the horrible murder/robbery of that dear pizza delivery lady, I'm going to tell my story, which began with me walking up to a darkened stoop and losing a pizza when three guys hopped out to beat and rob me. The darkened stoop should've been my hint. I was just raising money for my CA trip and needed a part time job, and now, my brain said, "you're being robbed." I twisted, I threw blocks with my arms, I spun my shirt out of their grip and bloodied my knuckle on the street. But I knew not to let them on top of me. I fought all three of them off until I thought to yell that I was being robbed. When a neighborhood light came on, they changed their minds. It lasted about eleven seconds. I didn't kick their asses (I despise hitting people), but I had my money, myself in one piece, and a king-sized mad-on. I then did something you shouldn't. I hopped into the car and chased one of them down the street until he jumped a ditch in someone's from yard. I know it sounds unbelievable but that's exactly what happened, in North Rome in 2005. Johann Balasuriya's training for Angela and I paid off; I kept whipping myself out of their inept hands and blocking them. They didn't get anything. The one I chased may have peed himself, though. I hope it changed his life, but who knows. None of this changes the sad circumstances for that poor little girl, no. I only share this because I want people to know not every robbery turns out like the criminals want.

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