Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Let the real magic begin (post 500!!!!!)

I keep promising to edit these writings into book form; it's hard to stop writing new work (here and elsewhere) and practicing songs long enough to get anywhere with that. My own short-coming. I intend to share a good bit more in this space, but I wanted to take a minute to thank T.J. Jones, my old friend, to whom this blog and that book is dedicated. I began writing this to entertain him, after nearly two decades inadvertantly spent out of touch. I have to consider the confidentiality of some of the material entrusted to me but have no problem sharing its actual effects in my life. What a thrill it is, when something from my inner life is picked up in the eyes of another, to take into their own mind and experiences---to be part of the life that person’s choosing to live. I am in awe to realize that I’ll never know how different each of you are, with lives full of experiences your own, and I am touched to go with you in some way, even if I never know: I feel it. I should reach out and feel it far more often: that’s what a true spiritual experience is like. It’s about the feeling you have when you realize your connection to how ever many others have been part of your life, something as real, fundamentally, as anything that can happen on this globe. Never sell it short, the part you have played; live your life right, and live truly, so others at least don’t forget you to remove the pain of knowing you. Live your life right---and you’ll know, by how it really, deeply feels---and in your wake may lie gratitude and empathy with people who you don’t see or hear from in your everyday life, who are touched in the moment by you, by the existence of your real life, the one dressed in these decisions and events.

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