Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Secret Life of Energy, Part Two (Free Illuminism and more)

INITIAL HOMILY PREPARED FOR CONSECRATION TO THE ASSEMBLED FREE ILLUMINISTS FROM CONSECRATION ROCK, ARABIA MOUNTAIN, APRIL 29, 2012 April 29th, 2012 Arabia Mtn., Lithonia Ga Episcopal Consecration Homily By Father Palamas +In the Name of the Father, and of the Mother and of the Holy Spirit.
Spring Flowers A couple of years later, I was beginning a Graduate program @ Naropa University, a Buddhist College in Boulder CO. It was an intensive summer program in Contemplative Education that included meditation 2-3 times a day, yoga, tai chi and various Dharma Arts. This particular day, I was taking the introductory Qi Gong class from an elderly Mandarin gentleman who was reportedly one of the first to bring Tai Chi and Qi Gong to the United States. He was a lovely man, gentle and joyous to be around. After holding animal postures as long as possible we took a break and I approached him with a singular question-“Why are my feet on fire!” He smiled and put his arm around me, while I rubbed on my feet that genuinely felt hot. He gestured to the man next to me and said, “This man here has been in training with me for the past 8 years and has not felt this yet and here you get it in the 1st lesson!” He put me in a headlock and ruffled my hair continuing, “Oh, but don’t you get the big head about it, everyone has this-you just got lucky and were receptive today!” “What is it?” I asked incredulously. “Qi, Chi, Ruach, Spirit…whatever you need to call it”.
A few years later, back at the Ciceros, I was asking Chic for some personal instructions with the Middle Pillar exercise as I wasn’t really getting that much out of it outside of frightening my ex-wife with weird vibratory sounds. He suggested that the problem lie in my failure to strongly visualize the descent of light. So, a few weeks after this instruction I tried it again with his suggestions on a lonely stretch of beach in Florida that bordered a preserve. It was a full moon and I was completely alone. The practice clicked!. As I drew the light back up my spine, towards the end of the practice, aligning my breathing with my visualization until the light reached my head-suddenly the light burst from my crown into a shower of electricity and chills covering my body like a poncho. It brought tears to my eyes…they were healing tears. I was in a failed marriage and the light began the break out of it.
There are many other points in between where this has occurred as well, but these experiences have had their culmination more recently in a practice that my new wife and I have developed. Our love for each other is explosive and contagious. Once we got together my wife quickly identified two power spots on our property, one we call the vortex, where we place our hands-one up and one down over each others-within a circle, and charge each other up like the positive and negative poles of a battery. Then we bring that energy to a third party-a friend or someone in need who comes to visit us and let the energy flow to them. The results have ranged from absolute peace in one man who can be rather type A-he immediately went to the couch and silently slipped into a peaceful sleep-to streams of tears from a woman who has suffered through an abusive relationship. She fell to her knees and bathed in the light for quite a few moments.
And so this brings me to the “So What? Test”. What is all of this about? Is it simply to feel the heebie jeebies running up and down my spine? Is it only for self knowledge? Are all of these initiations and ordinations and today’s consecrations about fortifying the fortress of the Self? The answer is self-evident. This light-this creative, healing and consecrating reservoir of energy is meant to be given freely to others. Like the Paschal Candle at Easter that lights all of the other candles of the parishioners attending-the source of this light is not in the least bit diminished by the spreading and sharing of itself. So today I fully receive this Light and Consecration in Free Communion so that I may turn around and freely give it to others. +++Gloria Patri, et Matri, et Spiritus et Sanctus, Amen
From the top: I find Free Illuminists to be just as good, if not better, than the ones you pay too much for! I know an Illuminist as an 18th c. Bavarian body that claimed exclusive Christ consciousness at a higher level, but presume Free Illuminists not bound by their authority, nor necessarily making that claim of exclusivity. So, I looked up Alan Greenfield's blog "Occult of Personality" to gain insight. I view the group as initiates offering guidance along a path which may lack sequential road signs ("however diverse") in the sense of a map, yet the group has knowledge of the "road signs" and so can identify them upon discussion, and perhaps offer advice that may dissuade seekers from a long tromp through a known patch of thickets. But we're not out of the woods yet!
There are some who consider themselves Masters without service, and there are those who serve without Mastery. Into this latter category I've found myself sometimes inserted, as the answers and questions I have seem to have helped others, along with more mundane actions to which we concert ourselves. The trials and tests seem very exciting and seem to offer, along with boon companionship, the values of Free Illuminism. I think the benefits of evolution---discarding the perhaps less useful rites and practices, though occasionally one must find out for one's self---convey the actual value of teaming up with Free Illuminists. The numeric shades of meaning behind the "9" to me always suggest a fulfillment, and the ninth plane has, in my fiction, always represented the place of the highest, most enlightened entities. The 11 here is very fitting with the eleven years of initiated searching. I think numerica in the occult sense often serves as a sort of Rorschach test, which is not to say personal significance is meaningless in its subjective aspect. "01" is such a terrific year to start, too.
Everything brought together in the homily possesses textures of meaning, so it's worthy to explore each individual term, for myself, with some questions and speculations to follow. I think I'll find the homily valuable, examined one paragraph at a time, over the course of days (I cannot foresee the exact pace).
Most of all, I hope the vicarious sense of joy, blessings and energy will preface each reading. You have to understand the heart of the person speaking the words. Perhaps here, for once you will understand what I can convey of the heart of the person reading them. It's something I've always wished to see myself.

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