Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Spider-Man : Spill and the Spider : A Deadly Mile Below

"A Deadly Mile Below"

Spider Man’s freed the shipmates aboard the Lady Sabrina and Darby Mist boats, among other hijacked tug boats and other vessels used to skim oil from the Gulf Coast spill by Roxxon Oil! But what plan lies within the deep shaft leading into the cavern?

http://ceaseill.blogspot.com/2010/06/spill-and-spider-one-for-all-ages.html has the first part of two, if you missed it! However, you could just read on!!!

Within the island cavern, Spider Man observes a pair of ships leaving a dock secreted behind a sliding steel door. The fumes floating upon the ocean continue to affect him.

He crawls down a dry shaft of parched earth into darkness, following his uncanny warning sense.

“Deeper, hotter...must be the effect of under sea floor pressure!” thinks the wall crawler. The strain of the vertical climb would be far more than any man could bear. Nauseated, dizzy, he must carefully, quickly scale into this almost unimaginable crack into the floor of the ocean. Spider Man continues on, because there is no other way to know the face of the urgent danger.

Finally, he attaches himself to platform he finds descending below him, and hides. When it stops, he finds a secret labratory. In its midst stands a shock-haired man, pacing in a dark green jumpsuit, talking aloud to an image on what appears to be Skype, projected onto a screen. He releases a signal from his wrist watch; a laser sets a quivering ringing sound to work. Two of the captured boats enter the stormy seas pointed back to the shoreline.

“It’s the precise moment; the skimmers we’ve loaded with vibranium are safely on their way to our coastal laboratory," says the Thinker. "Your men prepare to evacuate this base, which is approximately 97.8 % safe from discovery before
our next and final phase is complete!"

"It’s the Thinker! I'd know that calculating cackle anywhere!" thinks Spider Man.

“Got to fight my sickness from those oil fumes, and listen for some clue! Any minute, now, Thinker-Bell will start explaining his calculations! For such a shy, reclusive type, he certainly loves to hear himself talk!”


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