Friday, June 11, 2010

So let's have a chortle at the Immortal Portal

So ...what's this about an Immortal Portal? The Reeves twins, Ryan Austin and David Nicholas, play in the back yard at their grandparents' house when they follow their imaginations straight into Mysti Hazel's GArden. In exchange, the Triplets appear. This event, they yet to understand, occurs when one of the super hero parents of the boys is in danger (though both are trying to enjoy raising their children and working straight jobs.) In this case, Mom aka Frieda aka Valkyrie Maid encounters a hostile veteran ghost who needs help crossing over. She happens to be doing some house keeping as a side job, while waiting to start her position with the school.

That's the subplot of a story chiefly devoted to introducing Scarlett Dragon #9. Her life develops behind the scenes and sometimes as a subplot while dominating intermittent chapters. Here are the other characters
that share the strip that introduces her, which I've been calling Partners In Peril and am considering naming Immortal Portal...which we quite like, and describes the cross-dimensional adventures of the cast.

Well, the Triplets appear when their father's in danger, unbeknownst to him. His stalker gets quite close before their comedic appearance and careful team work avoids a confrontration in the zoo and throws mysterious Zerolite off the trail of Sun Strike until the next episode.

Oh, yah, the resident police officer (secretly Bean's a.k.a. Sabrina's Scarlett Dragon #9), the runaway (Vita Presul) guiding the Triplets (Zero, the analytical one; Elda, the responsible one; and Analogy, the cheery white knight) and her adopted neighborhood (was thinking of MOVE radicals in Philadelphia in 1986, I believe) will cross over with the local school and David Grace's Punisher-like crusade...Tovax is not only a plastique but a cool code name for our mystery bomber, who may buy the material from pyro Phoenix bomb to blow up some abandoned housing (built by shoddy contracting) and another tick-ticking away as Sun Strike has to decide to use his powers and meager detecting skills. You know, he just KNOWs he needs to keep his powers under wraps...boy, does he.

Zerolite's been subtly hypnotised by vampiress Miracalla to bounce to and from the moon for a full cycle...(flat out mind control zombie stuff is less interesting)...and she's decided to look up his prey, and starts falling for Sun and Val...but even if Sun and co. save the day, when Zerolite properly detects him, he is hauling his ass back to Luxitica for a politicized kangaroo trial...yep, that subplot begins with Vita's cameo appearance in the first issue and builds to a climax by's good to write thinking in such installments, even if it's mostly prose first time out.

Meanwhile, I threw about five super heroes at this Gulf Coast crisis going on day 52, and after drawing a few runes I was inspired to stick with Spider-Man only as my star. This time out I'm thinking of something truly all-ages and reasonably brief (as in one-tenth the length of my last opus, the Avengers sequel to TRANZ/ Marvel.

The rendition of Awesome Android here is indebted to Dave Cockrum's cover of ROM #14.

I'm keeping documentation of my creation process as I can. Many videos are already up, accessible through links in the archives of Be Chill Cease ill. I will compile them and burn them into one handy dvd; first copies will be ready July 21st, when the world's largest Sci Fi/ Fantasy convention rolls into my neighborhood.

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