Tuesday, June 29, 2010

D'n'A Larking

“So D.C.--- what got you into the Ouija board?” Chuck asks Dee Cee as they start her ear piercing.
(Panel four)
“Well, played with it, more like; less than cooperative contacts, really.
Weirdness is my lifelong companion,” Dee Cee says.

Amanda: “Our fans kept turning on and off mysteriously ---our Dad was a preacher at the time. He eventually got mad at us for not turning the fans off, because the bill was too high! They kept coming back on by themselves.

Dee Cee: This happened several times! But he turned them off himself a couple of Sundays. That’s when he had to admit: something else turned them on.
He already preached about unseen powers shaping the world. Why not a ghost? But then, what’s heaven and hell if you can ghost?

1st Heheh! Are you gonna do this, man?”
1 st Hands almost touching”
2nd The others laugh. Dee Cee’s howls are the center of attention.
“You two need to come out with us to this spot out near Coosa,” Rhona says. “It’s so pretty.”
“A picnic! Cool! Roll out the Dee Cee cab,” says Dee Cee.

“Anywhere, but here is fine by me. Been too long since we went larking.”

Anywhere not here is fine, need to go Larking!

3rd “Mom and Pops keep me in a car that runs tip-top, ride with me,” says Beckie.

“Rhona, our Dad might be able to look at your truck for you,” says Amanda.
“Poppa Bear loves looking at stuff, especially if he gets to rescue somebody as a bonus!”

4th“Could he really?” replies Rhona. “Seriously? My brother looked at it but he couldn’t figure it out. I don’t know why it’s cutting out.”
Dee Cee: “Oww! Huhhuhheh... can call him in the middle of the night and be like, ‘Papa! Come get this thing! I just wanna come home! Heheheh!”
“That’s pretty cool,” says Rhona.
4th“Why don’t you come by early tomorrow afternoon?” says Dee Cee. “ I think he’ll be up...sometimes his alarm will go off for like an hour, you have to go pound on the door and yell, “Papa! Get up!’
5th Hahaha! I get like that, too, working dumbass late shifts.
But if I ask him he’ll at least take a look at your truck.”
6th (A tiny devil sits next to Chuck’s ear and whispers, “man, this is your chance! You need to know for sure. Or taped face Angel in recovery?: You need faith. “You need to know.”)
6th Are you a virgin? (to Amanda)
“yeah! Why? You looking for sacrifices?”
(his devil speaks to Beckie’s angel)
7th“ No way are you...”
“You talkin’ to me, or her?” asks Beckie’s angel.

Hope you're enjoying these previewed pages. I'll come back to them with a higher resolution lens (ONE friend so far has offered, cross fingers) before printing them. They will be available for purchase online.

From the backyard, Dee Cee can be heard loudly telling her father goodbye while he works in the garage, with the door open. “Be safe!” he says. “We will, Poppa Bear! Thanks for checking out that truck for Chuck,” she replies, as she climbs behind the wheel and blows a kiss, while Rhona and Chuck sit in the back seat with Beckie.
“I got that board, too, Chuck,” Dee Cee says with enthusiasm. “Your truck ’ll be fine where it is, Dad said he’d look at it in about an hour, while there’s still plenty of light.”
CHUCK: Hits off smooth!
“Yeah,” replies Beckie,

p.7 Amanda comes out the front door. Her mother calls to her in the living room, and asks her in drawn out words to “fix her a Co-ooke.”
Where y’all goin? Some mountain for a picnic. Lavender Mountain, I think.
“Be careful then.”

p.8 Amanda climbs in front with her sister.

“Do you take the ouija board stuff seriously?”
“Yesterday you wondered what convinced me to buy one and figure it out? HAhaha!” Dee Cee replies, tossing back her hair. “I think it was an incident with this swinging door---earlier this year, wasn’t it?
Okay, it was like, we’d ask questions, and the door would swing, like two for yes and one for no. Never moved on its own, before or since.
Spirits come to mind-it wasn’t wind! Thought, “could be telekinesis latent in our minds---equally strange idea.”

We talked for about twenty minutes---when I then screamed for it to stop.

Dead Still---which scared me even more.
“So what’s that got to do with the ouija board, then?” asks Rhona.
“We went out and bought it the next day! It may have been even THAT day, but we didn’t need the door again, we wanted more than limits of yes and no.”
BECKIE: Is this Huffaker Road? This is the way, right?
RHONA: Isn’t Seven Bridges Road out here?
DEE CEE: Really? I didn’t know the directions, but our brother did that one. He said what they say about it is true: if you drive the six bridges on the way out there, there will be seven then on the way back. He’s smart, so somethin that didn’t make sense that he saw with his own eyes creeped him out! They went back and tried again, and it happened again!
AMANDA: Bubba knows some people who say they are into Satanism and other things. I think some of his friends in Rome are some pretty crazy people, but I’ve never been up to his new place. I figured, after that last emergency residence at home, he’s ready for space!

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