Saturday, July 17, 2010

D'n'A #1: "What's the Harm of Playing a Game with the Unknown?"

The closing of the dark origin of wonders.

D'n'A #1, created by Integr8d Soul Comics, dares to take you on
an individual journey alongside the unexpected.

Sisters Dee Cee and Amanda Charlotte are responsible yet open minded; safe, yet wild and daring. Beckie comes over to a friendly house full of love with her new friend Rhona and Rhona's new boyfriend, Chuck.

Piercing their upper ears in their bedroom, the sisters agree to visit a mountain in another county. A shared interest in strange phenomena-as-diversion leads them to a place of Chuck's choosing in the hours of late afternoon.

What's the harm of playing a game with the unknown?

The story begins with:

Scenes from pages thirteen and fourteen courtesy Integr8d Soul Comics. Art by Lue Lyron and the Marc Kane. All images copyright 2010 Integr8d Soul Productions.

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