Friday, July 2, 2010

There's a new Peter Parker in Hollywood

Andrew Garfield is the new Peter Parker. Just for the record, I don't mean the first Protestant missionary to China or the chair of the British Railways Commission.
Nope, we're talking about the world's favorite web-slinger.
Sony Pictures announced their new star Thursday, for the upcoming Marc Webb Spider-Man movies.
Rumors presently point to the Lizard as the villain, but shooting starts in December, and there's little chance they'll keep it under wraps for too long.
If you don't know the films Boy A or Lions For Lambs, you likely have never heard of Andrew Garfield. He had a role in the new Doctor Who series, appearing in the episodes "Daleks in Manhattan/ Evolution of the Daleks."

He's presently working on a movie called The Social Network and soon appears in Never Let Me Go. He also played a role in the Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus last year---the last work of Heath Ledger.

Garfield is a dual English-U.S. citizen who won a BAFTA (British TV) award for Boy A and is a relative newcomer. The Parker he's bringing to life will be in high school again, as the franchise reboots its storyline, possibly modeled after the past decade's Ultimate Spider-Man comic book which did the same (re-setting Spidey's origin and adventures in today's settings), as its writer, Brian Michael Bendis, has been consulted.

The new 3-D Spidey should come along in 2012!

My own Spider-man creation is here,

P.S. Who thought up the webs coming out of Spidey's hands? Stan Lee? Steve Ditko? Well, it's not what I heard...this kinda makes sense. Here:

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