Friday, September 3, 2010

Integr8d Apparel

Hammeroff-Penrose OR-Theory on Consciousness, Stuckwayze meet Kirby, and fresh Integr8d Soul Music all coming today:

A Quadruple post!
But first:

Integr8d Soul clothing: Art in Apparel

Web Moon! (S, M, LG $8 x-LG $10)
Free shipping/ handling!
Other variations of "Web Moon" coming soon!

Designed by British artist Lyne Shabonne Rooks, a.k.a. "Sheer-Zan"
"Self-portrait, red"

s,m, l xl all $11!

"Together" $10 all sizes $11 tank top

"Kiss #1" Black & White transfer: choose from blue, white or tank top!
All shirt sizes $8 Tank Tops, $11

For now: contact us on FB or at

D'n'a cover #1 Special Edition (includes logo on front, cover on back, or reversed, upon request)$10 all sizes
"Emma" by Marc Kane (redheaded water color painting) $10 all sizes

D'n'A "Amanda #1" (close-up face, b & W) $10 all sizes.

Tank Tops available for all designs (girls) for $11!!

Interested? Write me at You can pay through our button marked "Donate" on our blogs or whatever method you prefer!


Bigby Wolf said...

Nice!! how much?

Cecil said...

They're listed in the blog, effendi!
From $8 up. Thanks, Bigby! :-D