Sunday, September 12, 2010

Spend your life as love in action

I just caught and enjoyed part of The Power of Intention special on PBS. I refer back to its precepts daily: the seven faces of intention will help you set your mind on an even keel regardless of the circumstances.

They are Creativity, Kindness, Love, Beauty, Expansion, Abundance, and Receptivity.

I recommend looking up Dyer's ideas on Japa prayer. Even if you don't meditate this way daily, it is good to pass time while exercising or for starting a tough day. It is a good place to set down your connection with your loved ones and to feel your self existing in the universe free from the fear of death.

I hope every day to learn from all my mistakes, forgive myself and others and practice radical humility, and spread and share an enjoyment of life. I wish to take myself less seriously and follow my bliss.

I don't call this blog "Be chill, Cease ill" for nothing---though it IS for free!

Whether or not you have experienced what Wayne Dyer talks about as far as higher and lower frequencies of vibrations, I ask you to notice how you feel when you see an act of kindness. I ask you to notice how you feel when YOU commit an act of kindness, or receive one.

I once told a dear friend that "the Power of Intention is like a manual for discovering how to use your latent super-powers." If you stop and appreciate the amount of love that was necessary when you were most helpless, and realize your life as an expansion of that selfless principle, you may find yourself more empowered to face your own decisions in life, than ever before.

So, if you are feeling blues coming on, just reach up as though a trolley strap hangs above to steady you and stabilize your ride; let it lift you just a little bit off the floor! Once you're off the floor, you'll stay there no more.

Or toss an enchanted mallet and hold onto the strap in order to fly on the power of your own throw! Or spin a web and swing! Slip into your aerodiscs, float your own balloon, lean into the balance of your own surf board, rev your motor, ride your dragon---but let your spirit take you where it longs to go!

Ultimately, you decide what is in your mind. Once you grasp the necessity of a good diet of thoughts and emotions, the sky's the limit for what you can do!

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