Sunday, February 20, 2011


I just heard that a friend, and I won't tell you who, is having twins this year! And my great friends Sabrina and Eric Cooper just had a baby, too! Tupelo Lyric Cooper's doing fine, born January 25, 2011. There are so very many pictures of her being held, her up close---I even have a heartbeat recording!

If you have children, I'm sure you remember a lot about the time around birth, most of all. Angela is particularly keen on infants and pregnant women, so whenever I'm not using the lap top and she's home, she's either looking up baby bumps or playing a free game, or maybe just maybe, commenting somewhere on facebook.

She's been telling me all about Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban's baby, and their connection to the woman who carried their fertilized egg. She told me there's a woman who's been a surrogate eight times; in a way, this Kidman/Urban baby is different than a surrogacy, but at this late hour, I wonder if I can find it in the browsing history? Probably People Magazine is the source.

I notice newborns are a popular facebook subject for photos; practically everyone with an account shares them, but you still usually have to know a lady well enough to be her phone pal to really know about pregnancies. It's still pretty common for women not to share that information until the second trimester, anyway.

I actually wondered if I haven't heard the names of at least eight to a dozen red carpet types I know are pregnant; Mariah Carey, Pink...sigh, those I recall because they are singers, too. She loves Rachel Zoe and Bethenny Frankel---that's two more.
Kate Hudson. Victoria Beckham, Jessica Alba. Uh, I know people are talking a lot about Christina Hendrick's boobs, and Kim Kardashian's butt...
So while she may not be at Paris Hilton's side making trash talk headlines, thanks to Angela, I've seen Nicole Richie's son's cute and proper-looking hat, as well as the hipster clothing in which the stars often array their tykes.

One of the most common stories is that Angelina and Brad are about to add a child, either naturally or as another adoption. I think that one's a headline about twice a year, minimum. I don't know if the stories about how heart broken Jennifer Anniston supposedly remains will ever end. You can already see the ridiculous, faintly so, anyway, romantic's take on her love letter read after death.

So, now you know a thing about me that may surprise you. I have a decent understanding of all the baby-related news if it's appeared in a trash magazine or celebrity watch web site. If we watch the Soup, as I draw I hear and see a lot of the Fashion Police (before you watch Real Time!), so I actually remember a few of the outfits Joan Rivers verbally torched. Is that what you want to read about here?

That's what happens when you live in a room together long enough. And sometimes, I even know when my friends are busy secretly nesting for their new brood. But a gossip column, I'll never be.

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Sabrina said...

Sweet! You two are gonna make great parents some day!