Thursday, February 24, 2011

Post 300: Integr8dSoul Sells Out!

First! Here is our new t-shirt, silk-screened, on 100 % cotton, featuring this terrific full color 8 x 6 image, featuring the cover of our next issue of DnA, along with our company insignia three inches across on the back. For $15 you can have your pick, small, medium, or large: free shipping!

Now you can contact me here or via Facebook or

but we're also adding an order form on our website! That's right: announcement two is the beginning of, which will feature its first graphics and shopping cart later today! (*be merciful, it's Pacific Coast time zone here!) This will become the go-to site to find our new music, too, as well as Marc Kane Fashion Bags, sewn here at the Apartment of Ideas with sturdy interior lining and beautiful stitching. is our link through next week.

A rough cut, for you: "Say What?"

Finally, said website will be a place you can order MyEBooks copies of DnA #1, both as downloads, and also as physical copies. It's been promised for sometime, but when you see the specially colored cover, it will be worth the wait!

I plan to come back and wax philosophical here later...but let me say, we absolutely depend on your patronage for our financial success. I've been working for free, basically, to drum out most of this, but it's a labor of love, and the commercial beginning of my life's work in the arts. My website will be a place you can contact me further about very reasonably priced commissions. As we master new software (thanks Joe!) it will only get better. Cartoons, new videos, a short story collection in print, and more stories are in production for this coming year, as will be announcements of our convention appearances on both coasts. It might become the biggest thing this side of the arrival of Carmelo Anthony in New York...

Be chill, Cease ill

Where did Integr8d Soul begin?

I almost wrote my last column about the music that shaped me into a songwriter, though it was a long time before I had the finger strength to really lay into those could say it began the day Stormy sold me an acoustic Laredo, playing "The Needle and the Damage Done" there in the store, long gone. I tried writing songs before that in high school on keyboard, but I never had the confidence to take it anywhere, just daydream. The two years fresh out of high school coalesced into a long depression and the eventual realization that I was tired of restlessly daydreaming with nothing to show for the time.

You could say it began when I fell in love with the wonderful, talented girl who became the Marc Kane. That's the basis for DnA #2, on the drawing board now. It's a reference to our integr8d soul, but also, how everyone ties together, and ties into the universe beyond.

You could say it began when the album name we had staked out by 2004 (we had enough roughly developed songs to make at least two albums even by then, but we've really grown since) was run by a rapper we met out here, named Eternal. "Integr8d Souls---that's it!!!" he said. "That's what y'all should be callin' y'all's selves..."

You could say it began when I started trying to draw my awkward comic books here in California, or when I buckled down two years ago and started drawing daily after a disappointing stint as an assistant to an artist I'd admired.

You could say it's really yet to begin: we make a lot of garage recordings, some of which have some real one-of-a-kind musical performances. Yet our first demo in years, with our new skills and dozens more songs, awaits us as soon as we kick the sick and the tired and head down to Little Italy.

You could say it's starting when our screen printed shirts and comics go on sale any day now...

...but one thing you can never say is when it's all going to end. Some little part of it was born straight out of Eternity, and I'm thankful for the still small circle of friends we've touched with our efforts. When you listen, when you read, when you look, it creates a whole new artistic experience beyond our efforts, that couldn't exist without you. I hope it encourages you to dare something new and stand a little taller. That's a worthwhile purpose in this short life.--- Be Chill, Cease ill

P.S. anyone know how to post Real Player recordings? I have so many!

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