Saturday, February 26, 2011

Improvised music by Integr8d Soul

It Worx Out (Incredible, improvised lyrics by the Marc Kane copyright 2009 Mysti Hazel's Garden Music

You only choose what you do and not do

You know, too, 'cause you'd feel me
just close your eyes and let it be
You can see through my eyes, too

I know how it feels
to be you

words written for Sgt. Steve Holt in "Free of the Fallen World" and
song improvised by C Lue Lyron

Until human kind can harness
the energy to follow
our imaginations
to any place or time we can feel
Our open minds will tear the world apart
until we utilize the energies
---really make the full consensus reality

Our cosmic solutions
with complete freedom to choose
will be limited by the fallen world
but if's coming now the dormant cycles

For everyone must be
infinitely free

San Diego

The Disharoons | Myspace Video

Improvised San Diego (instrumental)

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