Monday, February 28, 2011

If I lied and said I'd ever met you any other way...

Well, now it can be revealed:
Your brain had been surgically removed when I found it aboard the Lubderdite craft. I'd been deposited with other "specimens" including an evil deer and a confused little old lady with a hump back who told me she detested my immoral interaction with "nude naked brains, without even the decency to wear a body! You know whose kidneys you can't have?!? Oh, yes, I know about your kind and their plans for my kidneys!"

As I wondered what, if any responsibility I should take for the brain, found in a bowl, awash in replenishing fluids but even Saran Wrapped for protection, a talking duck started a conversation with me. "Well, good luck moralizing cuttin' the brain loose on its own," he told me candidly. He wore no pants, but neither was he dressed as a sailor.

I decided I'd see the brain to safety, were that possible, and soon afterwards we were returned to Earth, where a self-help seminar entilted "The Harmonic Inner Light" informed us, via clown-faced cheerleaders, that WE were all Bozos.

Deciding to forego the cult offered afterwards, we embraced our inner Bozos. Lovingly, I bestowed you to a doctor, who knew of a wonderful couple that could give it a body and a stable home full of nurture. At this point, the brain stopped hurting and simply became You again.

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