Wednesday, July 6, 2011

World set: Another online venue for Integr8d Soul: UStream

World song set, by Lue Lyron

Whole World Seas

Free of the Fallen World

Build a Star World

Free of the Fallen World came from a draft of the script for a chapter of big screen sized story that tested my novel's plot with a complement of Marvel's Defenders super heroes included alongside characters from TRANZ. I imagined how my friend Holt might perceive the situation if he were thrown into this and wrote the perceptions. I think strong supporting characters can connect a reader to the visceral experience of being in the midst of the Marvel Universe itself (handy if they ever want a DR STRANGE or DEFENDERS movie script from me, right? LOL)

I read the words from the pad written the night or two before, and played along, and recorded exactly what first came out. Here, I try to remember it! I've since recovered that note pad.

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